Chapter events - Finland

Service designer portfolio review event on 27.9.

Many companies are starting interesting projects and recruiting different levels of talent. But what exactly are they looking for, and do you know how to showcase your skills and competence the best way possible? How to spice up your portfolio?

SDN Finland offered the event on 27.9. to get feedback from recruiters.

Teija's top 3 tips to improve the portfolios:

  1. Your portfolio is a communication tool. Make it clear and easy to use. In reality, the recruiter might not have much time to go through your portfolio and she might have a pile of applications to read. Focus, clarify and have a structure.
  2. Focus on the customer value. Oh, how we love creating value in service design. We also love our tools and methods. Do tell about them as well, but tell about the customer value first. How the customer benefited from the project? What were the concrete results?
  3. Focus on your customer, i.e. the recruiting company. Do some customer research (you know how). What kind of customers the company has? What kind of cases? If the company is small, they might be recruiting more of a generalist than someone with a specific skill set. If they have customers in a certain industry your expertise from there is probably seen valuable.