Chapter events - Finland

Tervetuloa Madrid-konfan jälkilöylyihin! Esittelemme valikoituja paloja ja vaihdamme ajatuksia tapahtuman parhaista sisällöistä. Kieli valikoituu osallistujien mukaan.

Welcome to hear the best of Madrid's Service Design Global Conference - Service Design at Scale.

What triggered the interest, what was most talked about? We'll let you know, with two actual conference keynotes.


17.00-17.15 Refreshments

17.15-17.35 How Service Design became a big thing in Finland / Mikko Koivisto

17.35-17.50 Selling Service Design - an adaptive sales approach / Mariann Parts

17.50-18.30 Best of Service Design Global Conference 2017 / Jaana Komulainen, Andreas Pattichis and Teija Hakaoja

18.30-19.00 Networking

The event is free. Welcome!
The event is FULL!