Chapter events - Finland

Join us to discuss how large organizations can combine design thinking and lean start-up methodologies in order to develop innovative services.

When to apply Design Thinking?

When to apply Lean Startup?

How do these two approaches strengthen or bite each other?

What kind of specific challenges do distributed teams face?

We’ll have Fortum and Fazer, two Nordic companies from very different industries, present their way of working with Design Thinking and Lean Startup. The focus of the evening will be the challenges we have encountered in getting the best of both worlds.

We’ll start the evening with presentations from Fortum and Fazer.

And then we will split into smaller groups, to open up the discussion and hear how others have tackled specific challenges.

Time: 29.4.2019, doors open 17:00

Venue: Fortum HQ, Keilaniementie 2-4, Espoo


17:00 Doors open + finger food

17:30 Welcome and presentations

Welcome! SDN Finland, Teija Hakaoja

Introduction to business exploration at Fortum and how we combine design thinking and lean start-up methods Maria Uhari-Pakkalin, Head of CX Design at Fortum

Business exploration framework in action at Fortum

- Exploring new opportunities in eMobility, Gunnar Harboe, Lead Service Designer at Fortum

- Business design in SmartLiving, Farnaz Zangouei, Lead UX Designer at Fortum

Design thinking and lean-start-up methods at Fazer Lab, Eeva Tiainen, Senior Manager, New Business & Open Innovation

18:30 Interactive session to share and discuss challenges within discovery in large organizations

19:15 Wrap up and continue with open discussion

20:00 Closing