Chapter events Service Design - Open Day

Service Design - Open Day

Encuentro para celebrar el día mundial de diseño de servicios, conversando sobre cómo rompemos fronteras con nuestra disciplina. Nos reuniremos en Háptica Teléfono: (+57 1 ) 4 67 42 57 Dirección: Cr 15 No. 97 - 40 oficina 405

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Other Events 2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

2-Day Design Thinking Facilitation Course – December 2019

Workshop & agenda design for different types of workshops Problem statements & reframing Facilitation theory, tips and hands-on experience with a real case study Core Design Thinking workshop flow as a starting point for future workshop design

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Other Events Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is not a typical leadership strategy. It’s a transformational process in which individuals use their innate creativity and potential to realise the goals of their organisation or project.

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