Chapter events - Bulgaria

Creative Journey is an inspirational conference aiming to help the audience in their own creative journey.

Creative Journey is a conference that inspires you to make the first or next steps in your creative journey and to uncover your creative side.


Have you ever felt as if you're waiting for something to happen in order to fulfill your dreams, to start a project or to turn an idea into reality? Through inspiring stories and examples coming from people like you, we'll help you get there!


You will spend four hours in a non-conventional way: listening to inspiring people and witnessing their skills, playing one of the most popular games for children and adults and gathering ideas how to make creativity part of your life.


We have invited ten inspiring speakers. Not the usual suspects from conferences, but people like you. No make up and no cliches.


You will be listening to actors, accountantants, service designers, doctors, fotographers, chefs, lawyers and entrepreneurs who all share the same passion - doing things in a creative way.


Our guests will talk about their life and dreams, their accomplishments and failures, and the creative side of their job. They all have gone through a creative transformation to get where they are. Hear about their creative journey and pack yourself with inspiration!


And the most challenging thing - each one of them will demonstrate their skills in the frame of two minutes! We told you, it is not just another conference!​ 

Join us: