Small and medium-sized companies are dominating our market. We also have international corporations, some of them have a service design culture as SAP. The majority of large organizations regard design thinking/service design as a corporate entertainment, yet another team building activity. The smaller ones still don’t know a lot about it. There is a promising interest in the non-governmental sector and academia.


Our goals for the first year:


Promote SDN in order to grow the number of followers in Bulgaria

Start a dialogue between organizations, active in service design and design thinking

Partner and invite you to present at large conferences such as Innovation Explorer

•Start teaching service design at a university level

•Start a blog

Free bi-monthly community meetings where we could share best practices (international and local)

Service desiner
Service desiner - and Founder of Fabrica360

Eleonora Carnasa is a service designer with over 20 successful projects across different geographies and industries. With experience in multimillion transformation and acceleration programs and over 2000 hours of guiding multidisciplinary teams. Experienced trainer with author programs in service design, design thinking, creative leadership, storytelling, busness modelling. With over 12 years experience in business and innovation management consulting as a Head of the “Enterprise Europe Network” department with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as a founder of Fabrica 360 . Eleonora is a speaker, startup mentor and service designer, leading and mentoring in accelerators programs and social entrepreneurship challenges such as ING Bank's PACE Frankfurt and Bucharest, Global Service Jam, Climate-KIC, ChivasThe Venture, Get in the ring, TOM and Ideinik. Eleonora teaches service design and social innovations within an executive masters degree “Innovation dialogue” by the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship in Sofia, Bulgaria. Eleonora has MBA from Ecole Supérieurede la Francophonie pour l'Administrationet le Management (former IFAG) and specialized “Service Design” at Central Saint Martin, University of the Arts,London.

UX designer
UX designer - digital nomad and founder of Everhood

Alexandra Nikolova is a digital nomad, UX designer and experienced digital marketing expert. She is used to do research, strategy, planning and implementation for the past 9+ years and this is what she can do best. Her latest focusis on a more holistic approach, in which marketing and digitalization is only a part of the service design journey. Alex is part of Nomadways-international nonprofit association based in France, dedicated to innovating use of performing and visual arts for social change. Her projects enhance interdisciplinary, intergenerational and multicultural dialogue through storytelling, improvisation and design thinking. Alexandra has a Professional Certificate in Marketing by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Maidenhead UK. Her experience alsoincludesfounding one startup, tons of hours of pitching, presenting and facilitating; Founder of Everhood.

Inclusive design specialist
Inclusive design specialist - and Founder Design for all Bulgaria Foundation

Ivelina Gadzheva is a designer, focused on creating effective mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge between universities, businesses, and local authorities advocating for the benefits of inclusive design and in particular a socio-inclusive approach. With an experience in the private, public and non-governmental sectors, worked on various projects related to the practical implementation of a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Currently, she works as a consultant on accessible architecture and is an initiator ofa legislative change on a European level which will lead to an improved access toinformation in healthcare. Ivelina is one of the people behindA-hub-the first co-shared space in Sofia, dedicated to social innovation and aiming to connect academia, non-governmental sector and business. Graduated in Industrial Design at the National Academy of Arts and holds MA in "Design for All" from Mid Sweden University. Founder of the "Design for All Bulgaria" foundation.