Chapter events - Belgium

Five-day thinking and doing on subjects ranging from HCD and caregiving, over VR, digital storytelling and media in healthcare context to an energy Lab on personal wellbeing.

Product, service and system designers (from local and international agencies), social innovators, academic researchers, and multiple other experts from (non-)profit organizations and governmental institutions will guide you through this summer school within the context of health care.

Together with !Drops, the University of Antwerp (Fac. of Design Sciences | Dept of Product Development) and SDN Belgium, we offer a very hands-on, inspiring and engaging 5-day programme including the following themes:

1. Human Centered Design and caregiving

Fast forward through the HCD process, inspiration – ideation – implementation. Case study background (methods, process and outcome); round table discussions with experts and desk research corner; ideation, prototyping, testing and pitching.

2. Energy Lab on personal wellbeing

An inspiring workshop on energy work/private life balance at an unknown location (focus on group dynamics & creativity).

3. Virtual reality (in general and in care context for kids)

Debate night / soirée with keynotes, panel discussions, case inspiration, etc. (getting inspired and learn from good/bad practices locally & abroad).

4. Digital storytelling in healthcare context

Case study (autism, LT-hospitalization, …) and hands-on workshop (theme sessions) by ‘Numan’ and concrete tools for implementation.

5. Media and design research in health care

Case studies (e.g., ‘living longer at home’ European project), design & implementation issues (with e.g., digital, augmented, IoT) and related workshops.

Our @SDN_BE meetup #1 made one thing clear, embedding Service Design in education. We joined forces @iDrops_tweet & forged a 1st ever summerschool @UAntwerpen on the topic! Feel free to contact us for any kind of question to register for participation (places are limited) or facilitation.

Ivo Dewit
Ivo Dewit - Design & doctoral researcher

Ivo Dewit is doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp, Belgium with a background in business studies, change management and product development. His current research focuses on the design of product service systems that account for a prolonged life span due to a combination of products and services, their unique interaction with the user and the experience it leverages.

Nathalie Goethals
Nathalie Goethals - founder & director of !DROPS npo, Ghent, Belgium

A strong belief in the fusion of social innovation, design and healthcare.

Anna Kint
Anna Kint - project designer and facilitator at !DROPS

Using design processes to create social impact is what drives her.