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Delivering successful services over time means changing the way we work. With this two-day training we give you the tools and knowledge to implement successful services over time.

The practicals

  • The training will be given by our service designers from Knight Moves, experienced professionals working in different sectors.
  • In order to ensure a personalised experience we allow a maximum of 12 participants per session.
  • The trainings will take place on the 21th and the 22th of May 2019.


Who is this training for?

This training is an introduction to service design intended for project managers, operations managers, analysts, innovation managers, consultants, designers, project owners … who are looking to:

  • Understand what real life struggles their end-users face
  • Innovate the services they offer
  • Learn how to work in a more human-centered way

If you are looking for a more tailored training for your company, we are pleased to meet your needs. Send your request to david@knightmoves.be.

David Morgan
David Morgan - Service designer

Host at the service design podcast, senior service designer, frequent speaker

Stina Vanhoof
Stina Vanhoof - Service designer

Host at the service design podcast, accredited training, Belgian chapter representative