In the past two decades, the proportion and prevalence of death from chronic diseases are severely increasing among Chinese residents.

Deaths caused by chronic diseases accounted for 87% of the total mortality, and the medical expenditures incurred accounted for 70% of the total disease medical payments. However, the current concepts, technologies, services, and models of prevention and control are still out of date for chronic diseases.

In May 2019, the Innovative Service Research Center for Chronic Diseases and the Service Design & Innovation Lab for Health Care of Tsinghua University jointly released the report, which is named the<2019 Blue Book for BPC New Retail Solution to China Oral Medicine for Chronic Disease>.

It is found that the new retail model featuring "local life + near field service" has been growing rapidly in social pharmacies, which had shown many unique advantages in the prevention and control of chronic disease through the research of community retail pharmacies in the field of chronic disease prevention and control since in 2018. In this new framework, branded pharmaceutical companies (B) and new retail 2.0 pharmacies (P) jointly serving consumers (C), together formed a new BPC industry ecosystem.

To this end, under the theoretical framework of “service design”, the report studied the ecological relationship of B-P-C stores and the new technologies, new data, and new cases that related to the supply chain, industrial and commercial cooperation, store + home, OMO flow and healthy community, analyzed the latest industrial dynamic results for the industry.

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