Chapter events - Switzerland

SDN Switzerland and IxDA Zurich bring you Interaction Design Day 2020 - The Swiss Stream!

The Swiss Chapter of the Service Design Network, and the Zurich Interaction Design Association bring present Interaction Design Day 2020 - The Swiss Stream.

We bring you networking and 6 talks around sustainability and culture, from across Switzerland! Talks will focus on interaction design, service design, product design, and even organizational design. 

This virtual event will include presentations, Q&A, networking, and more. Let's celebrate Interaction Design day together!

- Sarah Schöni: Designing for Sustainability

- Marta Andreoni: Building a circular economy through design

- Dr Anton Fedosov: Designing for Sharing Cultures

- Christina Hübschen & Cornelia Lass: How Interaction Design can influence companies culture and sustainability via People Experience

- Peter Eisenegger: Sustainable Business Design, A framework-based approach to a sustainable transformation of the economy

- Adrian Sameli: Swiss culture and people can change the world!

Please register on our meetup page.