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As changemakers, many of us struggle with the most complex issues of our time. Systems of oppression are not only entrenched but interconnected. And even as we work to solve problems on the daily, a paralyzing thought can creep in: am I even solving the right problem? Greater Good Studio has been working with social sector clients to reframe problems for the past 12 years. We find that the original problem statement often has one or more of the following issues: It's focused entirely on symptoms, while root causes continue undeterred It's centering the wrong humans, or no humans at all It's so vast that the only thing it inspires is overwhelm Whether you're a designer looking to make a positive impact or a changemaker looking to get unstuck, this workshop will give you concrete tools for starting or restarting your projects in a more strategic, action-oriented, and equitable way. You will learn and practice methods for: Mapping root causes Writing positive goals Centering the humans most impacted Greater Good Studio’s co-founder, George Aye, will facilitate this live, 3-hour workshop. They have applied these methods to hundreds of projects across the social sector, including in education, community development, public health and healthcare, economic inclusion, civic participation, and arts & culture. All registered attendees will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link to the workshop. About Greater Good Studio Founded in 2011, Greater Good Studio is a human-centered design firm dedicated to the social sector. By working alongside people who are impacted by social inequity, we co-design strategies and solutions that challenge the status quo. About Service Design Network SF The Service Design Network San Francisco chapter is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community for service design practitioners to meet, learn, and advance their careers. Through our events and initiatives, we create meaningful opportunities for knowledge exchange, professional development, and collaboration among practitioners, while cultivating the growing enthusiasm for service design across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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