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The San Francisco chapter of SDN is here to facilitate service designers to meet, learn, and further their careers as well as the discipline of service design. We hope to solicit papers and research studies for Touchpoint and to encourage San Francisco chapter members to submit proposals for and to attend the annual conference.

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Chapter leaders:

Bernadette Geuy

Sophie Jasson-Holt

Mingzhu He

Andrea Fineman

Sophie Jasson-Holt
Sophie Jasson-Holt - Content and Service Designer; Agile Coach

Sophie Jasson-Holt is a co-founder of a service design studio, Amy & Sophie Strategic. Amy and Sophie help clients to navigate the end to end customer journey, and to design holistic solutions for people in organizations. They help clients empathize with customers and tackle business problems through strategy, design and research. From physical to digital, the full spectrum, all the touchpoints, of a service experience is thoughtfully analyzed and expertly crafted.

Bernie Geuy
Bernie Geuy - Consultant, Power of Design Services

Bernadette Geuy is a design consultant working with higher education clients, at the intersection of people and technology, to improve student and faculty and experiences. Her passion is using human-centered design methods to improve services delivery and to support students' academic success. Bernadette has a BA and an MBA from UC Berkeley and co-chairs the San Francisco Chapter of the Service Design Network. Clients include UC Berkeley, Stanford University, California College of the Arts (CCA), CU Boulder, and Sonoma State University. Her projects include strategic planning for a new South Asian business school, change management for a Workday Student implementation, designing a student innovation event and assessing financial service experiences for students and parents.

Andrea Fineman
Andrea Fineman -

Andrea is a design researcher at Splunk. Before that, she was a service designer at Getaround, a car sharing startup, where she was the first service designer on the team. There, she focused on orchestrating experiences for multiple roles, including car owners, car renters, Uber drivers, customer service, operations, and other internal and external actors. She also was a service designer at Adaptive Path, where she worked on diverse projects across all of Capital One's lines of business. She also programs and hosts events like the 2017 SDN U.S. National Conference, UX Week, and Adaptive Path’s Service Experience Conference. Before graduating from Carnegie Mellon's master's program in interaction design, Andrea studied architecture history and European literature at Brandeis University, and worked for three years at a management consulting firm specializing in customer experience. She is on the board of SDN San Francisco and the Northern California chapter of DOCOMOMO, an architecture preservation nonprofit.

Mingzhu He
Mingzhu He -

Ming is a mission-driven innovation strategist, researcher, and community builder. She collaborates with cross-functional teams (in startups and large corporations alike) to design services and products that serve human and planet needs. Taking a systems lens, she believes that humans and machines can co-evolve. However, many current social systems need to catch up with this acceleration cycle in intelligent technology innovation. To bring balance, she aims to always bring a human-centric and life-sustaining perspective to holistically align human, planet, tech, and business goals through research and experimentation. As a local leader for the Service Design Network she finds ways to engage and support communities of design professionals to apply their craft to solve pressing social and environmental issues.