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The San Francisco chapter of SDN is here to facilitate service designers to meet, learn, and further their careers as well as the discipline of service design. We hope to solicit papers and research studies for Touchpoint and to encourage San Francisco chapter members to submit proposals for and to attend the annual conference.

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Chapter leaders:

Gassia Salibian
Gassia Salibian - Principal at Future-Proof Consulting

Gassia started out in her career as an Architect. Her approach was designing buildings from the inside out, privileging the experiential qualities of built environments over their physical construction. Through her interdisciplinary career she navigated through domains that ranged from real estate development to management consulting to human factors research to business process design, finally landing on Service Design Innovation.  Gassia has 15+ years of experience partnering with executives and their teams to develop new experiences with products and services that people crave.  Her collaborative approach draws from a range of practices such as Architecture, Ethnographic Research, Lean Startups, Service Blueprinting, Journey Mapping, Customer Co-design, Outcome Based Innovation, and Six Sigma process engineering. She has helped organizations transform how they collaborate across silos, function proactively, and use their insights to shape exceptional customer experiences. Her clients include Cisco, Amgen, Kaiser, UnitedHealth Group, Autodesk, BP, Coursera, and many lesser known startups in Silicon Valley. She holds a dual Masters in Architecture and Business and a Bachelor of Science from MIT.  She is certified in Customer Scenario Facilitation, Advanced Methods in Innovation with Design Thinking, and Six Sigma. She currently co-leads the San Francisco chapter of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Laura Blumenthal
Laura Blumenthal - Program Manager for Innovation

Laura is a Program Manager for Innovation at the Center for Care Innovations. She says: I informally bootstrapped my design education over 12 years, interning at Procter & Gamble, prototyping non-numeric bookkeeping methods with street food vendors in the Peace Corps, and now working under and with designers developing content and co-facilitating six-month design thinking training courses for people working in community health systems across the United States. I also coach teams who are trying to design the systems caring for uninsured and low-income people to better support users' needs given serious resource constraints.

Kelly Griggs
Kelly Griggs - Principal Experience Designer

Kelly is a Principal Experience Designer at She says: I love that service design is built on a rich qualitative (and quantitative) understanding of both the internal business and customer needs, and provides the chance to capitalize on a range of design skills: from large scale facilitation and mapping, to prototyping and detailed design mocks. As someone making a move from UX to service design, I've been surprised at how little it's discussed, and the seemingly lack of clarity or understanding regarding SD work and roles. I believe the SDN has enormous potential to change this conversation.

Sophie Jasson-Holt
Sophie Jasson-Holt - Content and Service Designer; Agile Coach

Sophie Jasson-Holt is a co-founder of a service design studio, Amy & Sophie Strategic. Amy and Sophie help clients to navigate the end to end customer journey, and to design holistic solutions for people in organizations. They help clients empathize with customers and tackle business problems through strategy, design and research. From physical to digital, the full spectrum, all the touchpoints, of a service experience is thoughtfully analyzed and expertly crafted.