Chapter events - United States

If knowing your customer is the most valuable thing you can do, sales people are the experts because they spend the most time with customers.

Learn how to partner with sales to generate customer insights that can drive revenue and meaningful change at your company. We will spend time understanding some mental models for how to approach having a relationship with your sales organization as well as some activities for purposeful practice that will help you power through some of the friction you may encounter.

About the Speaker –

Greg Grabowy started his career as a designer 20 years ago in NYC, has been practicing service design for 5 years and has accreditation as a service design trainer from Service Design Network. He works at ServiceNow, an enterprise software company focused on digital workflow, case management and process automation as a solution consultant on an innovation team within the sales organization—going out to the field to work with customers.

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General itinerary —

6:00 ~ 6:30 pm Grab a Bite (food provided) & Network

6:30 ~ 7:00 pm Introduction and Mental Models

7:00 ~ 7:10 pm Practice Overview

7:10 ~ 7:20 pm Icebreaker: Scenario Building

7:20 ~ 7:30 pm Idea Generation

7:30 ~ 7:45 pm Framework: Impact Over Effort

7:45 ~ 7:55 pm Framework: Factors to Get to Yes

7:55 ~ 8:05 pm Team Practice

8:05 ~ 8:25 pm Team Pitch

8:25 ~ 8:30 pm Take-aways and Questions

See you there :)