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Specific moments in our lives are often fleeting and difficult to recall. As designers, one of the major challenges of creating experiences in such a crowded marketplace is how to make them memorable so that users keep wanting to use them.

Blending learnings from the book "The Power of Moments" by Chip and Dan Heath, and If Disney Ran Your Hospital by Fred Lee, Sean explores how certain experiences can rise above others.

The talk explores different case studies from around the world as well as touching on how customer measurement plays a part in understanding and designing for memorable experiences. We'll explore:

• What factors contribute to memorable design experiences?

• What are some bad design pitfalls to avoid?

• The ‘Power of Moments' framework for designing great experiences

About the Speaker

Sean is a service and experience designer. Originally from Australia, he has worked on projects ranging from the implementation of a new voice of the customer program in a utility provider to launching a life insurance start-up from the ground up.

He currently works at Wunderman Thompson were he is bringing together the worlds of Design, Marketing and Data to help companies provide memorable experiences to their customers.

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Loose Agenda

** We Will Be Recording this Session**

6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm: Settling In, Housekeeping

6:10 ~ 6:55 How Humans Remember Experiences and How We Can Design for That

6:55 ~ 7:30 Activity – Applying the Principles

7:30 ~ 7:50 Creating Memorable Moments in Your Day to Day

7:50 ~ 8:00 Discussion, Q&A

See you there :)