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"Why would a DESIGNER want to work for a BANK? Aren't you worried you will get bored?"

Over the course of three years, not only have I never been bored, but I have learned important lessons about applying Service Design within an organization riddled with bureaucracy and red tape. I look forward to shedding some light on real life SD challenges and various tip and tricks to overcome them.

I will cover my perspective on the ingredients of Service Design and how I have leveraged them to create change within my area of the Capital One Commercial Bank. Disclaimer – this talk will not leave you feeling like "wow, how easy!" but will instead paint the picture of what it takes to slowly shift thinking, build trust, and move a heavy needle toward holistic Service Design based strategies. So, bring your questions and be prepared to chime in throughout the talk. I hope that it can be not just informational but also conversational.

Natalie currently leads the Capital One Commercial Bank Operations design team – responsible for creating and refining services and systems used by associates to serve Commercial customers. She regularly teaches design education courses as well as coaches teams through research, synthesis, strategy, creative concepting, prototyping and product testing. Before Capital One, Natalie worked as a Service Design consultant at FJORD and has spent her career as a designer working with startups, agencies and service providers to strategically improve their offerings.

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General itinerary —

** We Will Be Recording Session**

6:00 pm ~ 6:10 pm Settling In, Housekeeping

6:10 pm ~ 7:15 pm Service Design Applied Talk with Group Discussion

7:15 pm ~ 7:30 pm Wrap Up Q&A, Closing

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