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What’s better than participating in a Service Safari? A PIZZA Service Safari hosted at local spots around Greenwich Village!

Is there anything more New York? Join us for this exciting opportunity to explore human behavior while interacting with services offered through nearby pizzerias.

So what is a Service Safari? It is when researchers, aka participants of this group, venture into the wild to conduct both active and passive research. Active research is when one goes through an experience first hand and documents findings. These findings can be notes, photos, videos and collecting artifacts. Passive research is the fly on the wall technique (hopefully you’re the only one! Sorry, that was a cheesy joke...) where the researcher sits back and observes how people interact with a product, service or experience.

This particular event caters to designers and researchers, but is also open to anyone interested in trying out new methods of collecting qualitative data. We have created a mini workbook to guide you through the day as well as a video to watch ahead of time. The workbook includes best practices and worksheets to guide group discussions – you will be on a team of 4-5 with a team lead (one of our teammates). Keep an eye out for a video that we will be posting in the discussion below. This video will cover logistical items, research strategies and more.

Important notes! Please read –

+ To ensure your team has enough time for research, please arrive promptly at 1 o’clock.

+ Cost includes a Service Safari Kit with methods, worksheets, small notebook, pen, sharpies, post-its.

+ Bring warm layers ie. hats and scarves, an umbrella (event goes on rain/snow or shine!)

+ A reusable water bottle for conscious hydration

General itinerary is as follows —

1:00 pm Meet Us Under the Washington Square Park Arch (5th and Waverly), Look for Pizza Flag!

1:15 pm ~ 1:40 pm Meet Your Team, Watch Video if You Haven't Yet

1:40 pm ~ 3:00 pm Field Research Time! Explore 3 Pizza Spots in Teams

3:00 pm ~ 3:40 pm Synthesis Discussion, Debrief with Your Team, Meet Up with Partner Team

3:40 pm ~ 4:05 pm Identify Key Insights, Talk through What-If statements

4:05 pm ~ 4:30 pm Share Your Photos and Findings on Social Media

4:30 pm GROUP PHOTO with the whole Pizza Safari group back Washington Square Park Arch

4:30 pm ~ 5:00 pm Optional Social Time at Washington Square Park and / or a bar nearby

Our own Andy VandenHeuvel, will be facilitating! Andy is an Experience Designer and self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur with a background in Service Design, User Experience Design, and Customer Experience. He is a strong believer in human-centered design and prototyping to learn. He enjoys craft beer, live music, and bad jokes. Andy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Service Design from SCAD.

Find Andy on LinkedIn –


Additionally a handful of teammates will be participating as team leads!

See you there :)