Chapter events - United States

Designers are no longer working only in design studios. Private sector companies, mid-large sized consultancies, start-ups, governments have now in-house design teams.

Design is becoming a multi-faceted practice and the designer of today is dealing with the orchestration of interconnected systems, the ideation of new strategic innovation frames, the design of new organizational ecosystems; and is acquiring the new language of data. We became the managers of complexity in process and silos, the ambassadors of the collaboration mantra, the activists of intrinsic ethical values.

The Service Design Drinks Milan and NYC Service Design Collective communities joined forces to deep-dive and reflect on these topics. The “Transforming Designers: Not Just Another Working Day” event series aims at expanding the idea of strategic and service design, outlining connections with complementary fields and new contemporary design practices. We will compare the current scenarios of Milan and NYC to understanding how design is perceived by the industry and map the designer communities’ emergent needs and directions. To do so, we will hear from the first-hand experience of guest speakers that embody hyper-specialized and hybrid disciplines within the design culture.

We will address these topics in an open panel discussion together with:

Joanne Weaver

President, The Joanne Weaver Group - UX / Product Design Recruitment

Adam Perlis

CEO, Academy Product Design Agency

Mirco Pasqualini

Former Head of Design at Ogilvy

Tim Reitzes

Design Lead at the NYC Civic Service Design Studio at Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity


6:00 ~ 6:30 pm Grab a Bite (Pizza Provided) & Network

6:30 ~ 7:00 pm Introduction

7:00 ~ 8:30 pm Panel + Q&A

8:30 ~ 9:00 pm Meet the Community and Socialize

See you there!