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If you can't clearly explain the business value of service design you'll miss out on opportunities to do good.

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9am PDT (LA) | 12pm EDT (NYC) | 5pm BST (London) | 6pm CEST (Amsterdam)

The SDN New York Chapter is thrilled to invite Service Design Show ( founder Marc Fonteijn to join our digital stage for a fireside chat answering your most burning questions about the business value of service design. He will be joining us during this bonus lunchtime edition, for those EDT timezones, kicking off at 12pm EDT of SDN NYC monthly events! All timezones are welcome, we look forward to seeing you online.

Please drop your questions into the discussion board below below prior to the event to make sure we can get them to Marc to answer!

Here are several for inspiration:

+ How has the conversation around service design in business changed over the years? How do you describe its evolution?

+ What are the most common challenges people have in selling the concept of service design? Why do you think that is?

+ What are some of the core principles around breaking down service design? Can you provide an example pitch?

+ When selling service design how do you address metrics? Often organizations are looking for tangible data points.

+ Is there ever a point where an individual should give up the fight selling service design in one area and move to another?

+ Where is service design best sold or most accepted? What environments? What about least successfully sold and accepted?

About the Speaker

Marc Fonteijn, Founder of Service Design Show: Marc founded the first service design studio in the Netherlands back in 2007. Since then, he has been empowering people around him with the most effective skills and strategies that help to design services that win the hearts of people and business.

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Loose Agenda

** We Will Be Recording this Session**

12:00 pm ~ 12:05 pm: Quick Housekeeping

12:05 pm ~ 12:15 pm: Marc Intro, What is Service Design Show

12:15 pm ~ 1:30 pm: Fireside with Marc Featuring Your Questions

See you there :)