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Learn how ethics and privacy can impact the design of seamless service experiences

Event Description

Ethics in user experience design lies on a scale ranging from decisions that prioritize the end user to those that solely benefit the system. In today's digital landscape, design plays a crucial role in shaping our interactions with technology. As designers and strategists, we have the power to create personalized, seamless experiences that cater to users' needs and preferences. However, this power comes with great responsibility. This session will delve into the ethical considerations surrounding personalization, service design, and security in crafting digital experiences.

Topics to be covered

  1. The Power of Personalization: Addressing the balance between personalization and user agency with a focus on ethical challenges, such as filter bubbles and information silos
  2. Service Design Ethics: Highlighting the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in human-centered design
  3. Navigating the Landscape of Data Privacy and Security: Tackling the trade offs between crafting seamless experiences and building secure products


Sharanya Ravichandran (she/her) is an experienced design leader, speaker, and mentor with over a decade of experience in crafting exceptional digital products and experiences. With a passion for elevating the human experience, she has led numerous impactful initiatives across diverse industries including Advertising, Entertainment, and Finance, and currently leads the design efforts at JPMorgan Chase. As a recognized thought leader, Sharanya has spoken at various conferences globally on topics ranging from design thinking, building inclusive teams, to understanding the business impact of design. Her innovative approach to design strategy is matched by her commitment to fostering inclusive environments, pushing for equal representation across all levels of corporate hierarchy.


  1. 6:00-6:20PM Meet & Mingle over food
  2. 6:20-6:30PM Welcome
  3. 6:30-7:00PM Talk
  4. 7:00-8:00PM Discussion & Networking

Financial Transparency & Scholarships

As a non-profit, we do our best to strike a balance between making our events available to all and ensuring we keep the lights on. For this event, we are charging $5 to help fund meetup costs.

  • If this amount is prohibitive for you to attend this event, please message Barry on Meetup and we'll provide you a scholarship to this event.
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