National Conferences - Japan

SDN Japan held their 3rd Service Design National Conference in Tokyo on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, at Fujiwara Hall, Keio University. It was a full day of conferences, with 200 people in the audience from various industries such as service, manufacturing, and agency.

Three years have passed since the Japan Chapter was established, and the basic idea of service design has become known to many companies which have started doing service design projects. The Japan Chapter was excited to be able to share our outcomes and ongoing issues at this conference. Also, we wanted to share the topics of the service design global community with Japanese practitioners. We defined the theme of the conference as “The Evolution of Service Design in Japan”.

We invited both international and domestic speakers to the conference. International speakers such as Jamin Hegeman from SDN/AdaptivePath, Katrine Rau from GE, Alisan Atvur from Novo Nordic, and Tenny Pinheiro from Hivelab are well known regular speakers of the Service Design Global Conference. Domestic speakers came from both business companies and agencies. Hideki Omiya from Recruit had a presentation on their new business named AirREGI, a virtual point-of-sale(POS) terminal service. He explained the company vision and how they developed their ecosystem. Akira Kudo from IBM Interactive Experience presented it’s  global and local strategies. And Hiroshi Yamaguchi from DNP Service Design Lab presented a journey through three years activity.

 Masanao Takeyama and Atsushi Hasegawa, also the representatives of the Japan Chapter, moderated the panels. We explored the agenda of service design in Japan from various point of view and held a reception party after the conference where participants could discuss emerging about their issues. During this conference, we worked towards finding a fitting agenda for the future. the Japan Chapter will keep actively moving towards these goals . 

Atsushi Hasegawa, Ph.D.
Representative of SDN Japan Chapter / President of Concent, Inc.