Ireland’s economy is strongly based on services - the service sector account for 72% of GDP and about 75% of the workforce is employed in services (World Bank 2014). Dublin, the capital, is the administrative and commercial hub of Ireland, hosting a range of multinationals from many different industries such as banking, insurance, tech and consulting, many of whom have their R&D capabilities here also. As well as the private sector, the public sector and tourism account for a huge part of Ireland’s overall activities.

The vision for the Dublin chapter of the SDN is threefold:

• Provide a forum for existing practitioners in Ireland to to share and develop thinking around Service Design, and to connect with practitioners from other chapters.

• Work to educate and inspire aspiring service designers.

• Work with industry partners to promote the discipline and its value.

The first part of this vision will be achieved by setting up regular touchpoints with Service Design practitioners in Dublin to exchange ideas and share experiences. The further parts of this vision will be accomplished by holding events with academia and industry to promote the discipline, and to explain the value of and generate excitement around Service Design.

bio - Service Design Lead

I am a highly motivated Service Design Lead with 12+ years’ experience from London and Dublin. I have worked on services and digital solutions in the enterprise, in consultancy and in product. I am currently Service Design Lead at a global technology company, where I employ a range of design thinking and service design methods and techniques to co-create innovative solutions with internal stakeholders, clients and their customers.

bio - Service Design & Interaction Design Lead

I’m a designer with a background in Service & Interaction Design. I have lived, studied and worked in Italy, China, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic and, since 2015, I have been based in Dublin, where I work at IBM Design as a Service & Interaction Design Lead. During my career, I have served in a broad range of roles, designing digital products and services in several sectors, including healthcare, human resources, and the automotive and travel & leisure industries.