Service design in India


India, the sixth largest economy in the world, offers a large market and at the same time diversity in businesses. The Services sector, with a share of 55.2% in India’s Gross Value Added (GVA) continued to be the key driver of India’s economic growth in 2017-18, as stated in the Economic Survey 2017-18. Indian market offers diversity in cultures, religions, traditions, rituals hence there is a whole spectrum of consumers in India. With the advent of technology, Indian consumers are becoming more demanding and are asserting himself/herself to get his / her aspirations satisfied. To better understand the Indian consumer, to meet the needs and aspirations of this assertive, active, enlightened consumer, Indian businesses and multinational corporations will need a holistic approach towards carefully designing the services offered to consumers. We believe having SDN India chapter can be critical for the growth of service design-driven organizations and Academia. It can be the potential futuristic platform for service design activities like sharing, meeting, creating, collaborating.

Praveen Juyal
Praveen Juyal - Head, Design-Centre of Excellence Societe Generale

Praveen currently heads the Design Center of Excellence ( Innovation and Digital Transformation) at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, where his primary role is to exploit the full potential of Design Thinking Principles, Service Design fundamentals, Mindsets and Methodologies to create new or vastly improved existing products, services, experiences by keeping the user at the center of innovation. He is a Senior Innovation practitioner with rich experience of 18 years in core Banking & Financial services. He is passionately committed to the relentless pursuit of identifying disruption possibilities and deploying path-breaking innovative solutions to meaningfully transform the bank for a Human- Centric Digital Future. Praveen is an avid reader and keeps himself diligently updated in all aspects of design, especially in their relevance to transforming the way organizations function at a core level. Having spent 18 years in the Services industry, I have been realized the basic ingredient for Business Success is not only dependent on understanding HOW/WHERE/WHEN/WHY organization create, capture and deliver their Value Propositions (Products/Services) but also on HOW/WHERE/WHEN/WHY customers choose to select, consume and then re-consume the value proposition. The whole concept of Service Design neatly combines an Outside-in Approach with an Inside-out approach to strategize, design and deliver your offerings to the market.

Varsha Patil
Varsha Patil - Design Lead, Flocare Labs

She is a Service Designer with 7+ years of experience in design & development of products & services. Currently, she heads design function at FloCare Labs Inc., a healthcare technology & services company based out of the Bay Area. She holds Master’s Degree in Service Design from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy, and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore. Her experiences across Healthcare, governmental, financial service and consulting industries have given her the varied first-hand experience of problems faced in the service-systems world. As a service design practitioner, solving the challenges involved in designing services where someone is purely experiencing an offering that can’t be seen/touched is what she aspire to champion. Service design has got enough attention in the past few years. However, in practice, there are fewer instances we see where people start to wear the lens of service design & make the design process outcome driven. One important but understated challenge organizations/individual designers face here is to get themselves equipped with the necessary tools, techniques to do the impact-driven work which adds value to the organization/community. She believes that SDN gives that platform where these challenges can be solved for. Through SDN chapter in India, She sees a great opportunity to collaboratively work towards putting in place best practices of service design in different problem-solving environments & help build a healthy community of these practitioners.

Dr. Vidya Priya Rao
Dr. Vidya Priya Rao - Founder and Visiting Faculty Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint LLP

Vidya is a customer experience, service design thinking, marketing, and sales professional with 18+ years of experience. Her blogs are featured among the top 75 CX blogs in the web by Feedspot. She has completed her Ph.D. on - A study on an approach to prepare the organization mindset to build design-led innovation culture to become a customer-centric and future driven software company. As a design thinking and service design decoder, Vidya uses an experiential approach that business can adapt to work context to address the needs of our digitally-connected world, by demonstrating its impact on business results and deliver exceptional value to company stakeholders. Vidya has worked with diverse brands and in her various roles, has had the opportunity to work with many companies in the Education, Energy, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Professional & Business Services, Retail, Fintech, Public Sector, Non-Profit Agency, Telecom, and Transportation industry. Vidya loves helping businesses articulate service strategy and connecting the dots to define transformative service experiences that benefits employees, customers, partners, and businesses. To do so run rapid experiments, to show value, to get buy-in, and to creatively apply service design concepts to a particular area of focus for a business. Eventually, helps businesses in adopting a design mindset and building a design-led innovation culture. While she loves the idea of design being applied by a battalion of brains to make a meaningful impact on business and the world, she has mixed feelings about Design Thinking and Service Design. Inspired by the success of Apple, Amazon, Google, Airbnb and many more, the good news is it’s gaining traction globally, and India too is joining the bandwagon.