• Build and grow Hong Kong service design community and connect them to the global community
  • Enhance service design capability for customer-facing employees and management in HK
  • Groom and nurture service designers to support the future development of service design in HK

Service has been Hong Kong’s core competency.  However, service quality has been dropping the past few years.  Customer expectations keep on escalating.  Yet customer-facing employees do not appreciate the power of good customer service.  Management also lacks the ability to come up with innovative ideas to design service for good customer experience.  As a result, it ends up with an unhappy economy.  

With the introduction of SDN HK Chapter, it can bring new insights to the Hong Kong service community.  More importantly, we can gather those who are interested in service design to raise public awareness of how service design can bring solid impact to business bottom line.  The current sd community in Hong Kong is still small, but it is gaining attention.

Now, Shanghai and Beijing already have chapters.  Being one of the most impactful cities of China, it is important that Hong Kong has its own chapter as a platform for east meets west.

The setup of HK SDN chapter is a critical move.  First, it enriches the service capabilities of the local community.  Second, it facilitates the service design development in the Asia Pacific region.  Third, it serves as a bridge between the east and the west.

Daryl Choy
Daryl Choy - Director, WisdomBooom

Daryl comes with 20+ years of marketing and management experience. He started in business with Swire as a management trainee before assuming various roles across a wide range of business sectors, including FMCG, business and professional services, IT and telecommunications, and media and advertising. He has lived and worked in different China cities including BeiJing, ShangHai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, NanJing, ZhengZhou, Dongguan, and Foshan. Mr Choy is a sought-after keynote speaker in Hong Kong and China. His research in brand experience, customer experience, and employee experience has received recognition from management gurus worldwide. His working partner is Joe Pine, the author of The Experience Economy. Daryl has been doing service design for 10+ years. He has developed the concept of experience wave which receives recognition by management gurus worldwide, including Professor Don Schultz. He delivers workshops on service design. Daryl holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, an MSc in Marketing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Setting up SDN chapter in HK will allow his team to help promote service design in HK, and build connections with other chapters in Asia Pacific region.

Ted Chow
Ted Chow - Project Director, SHOPMAP

Ted Chow is the founder of Shopmap, a leading ecommerce service design company located in Hong Kong. Ted and his team have developed an online shopping system that can fit into different shopping service design. In 2013, Ted created the first Online to Offline Shopping System which called “O2Ocart” in Hong Kong, and helped clients move the shops from offline to online and redesigned the shopping service. In 2017, he has built up an O2O ecommerce platform called “Shopmap Online.” helping clients build online shop with just a few steps. With an innovative UX & UI, it is going to change the online shopping experience. Ted has been focusing on Web/App UX/UI design and development for more than 10 years. He has developed a framework which help client build up a smoother UI experience for App/Web. He has designed thousands of Web/App’s UX/UI. Ted is a sought-after speaker to share his experience on entrepreneurship, innovation, UX design and software development. He is a technical consultant for two Hong Kong youth startups.

Kidbie Wu
Kidbie Wu - Director, WisdomBoom

Kidbie Wu has been engaging in service design for 3+ years. Coming from a 7-year extensive background in interior design, she has a strong understanding of how to use design to communicate effectively. Her firm, WisdomBoom, is a best-in-class customer experience and service design consultancy specializing in service innovation, management and process engineering. Most recently, they have assisted organizations including HILTI, Orbis, PizzaExpress, PuraPharm. Her mission is to help businesses innovate at scale.