We aim to create a cohesive community of service design professionals, academics and students that are collectively committed to advancing the practice and establish the Service Design discipline in Greece.

Chapter's Goals:

  • Communicate the value of service design principles & methods to the market.
  • Create a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among design enthusiasts.
  • Showcase cases studies and role models from the rest of the SDN in order to inspire and motivate the Greek market.
  • Better understand the needs of the Greek market, in which sectors and how service design tools and methodology can be best applied.
Vasia Christoulaki
Vasia Christoulaki - Founder & Director at Design4Future

(2016 - present) Founder & Director at Design4Future (Athens) Design4Future is the first service design agency targeting the specific needs of the public and social sector. Vasia is responsible for managing the service design process in projects and business development. During the first two years, the company piloted and tested various ways of interacting with the specific sector through events (Service Design Drinks events, Athens GovJam 2018), training and coaching on service design, translating and providing open access to innovation tools (Greek translation of Nesta's DIY Toolkit for Social Entrepreneurship) while also running service design projects to test how the design process & tools can be best applied in the cultural context (i.e. The Athens We Need). The company also participated at the Service Design in Government 2017 Conference sharing their learnings from practicing service design in an emergent market such as Greece. The team is now harvesting all this knowledge to better address the needs of public and social sector organizations in Greece.

Thalis Laspias
Thalis Laspias - CX and Service Designer at Alpha Bank

(2018 – present) CX and service designer at Alpha Bank Leading the design and delivery of financial service products that enable new customer experiences and create business value. - Plan, conduct and document research activities - Lead the development and testing of digital prototypes - Drive the process of co-creation, customer journey mapping and service blueprinting

George Despotidis
George Despotidis - Senior Service Designer at Home Office Policy and Innovation Lab

George is currently working as a Senior Service Designer for UK's Home Office Policy and Innovation Lab. Before working in Central Government, George built a wealth of experience in local government working for Waltham Forrest Council in London. George specialises in applying participatory approaches to social challenges and is passionate about improving people’s lives through design. He is particularly interested in applying collaborative principles to policy development to support real positive change in society.

Eva Andreakou
Eva Andreakou - Teaching assistant at DTU

(2017 - present) MSc in Design and Innovation at Technical University of Denmark (DK) Teaching assistant: Facilitating and supervising group work, reviewing students’ assignments and preparing teaching material for 4 MSc courses. - UC Berkeley: Selected out of 125 students to participate in “Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship" Bootcamp. - CGI U Fellow 2017: Based on her work with a French startup Eva was awarded a fellowship by the Clinton Global Initiative – University.

Spyros Bofylatos
Spyros Bofylatos - Course instructor, Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean

Dr. Spyros Bofylatos holds a doctorate in theory of Design from the Department of Products and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. His research sprawls around design for sustainability, craft, service design and social innovation. His work is based on creating meaningful dialogue between the theoretical framework and the sociotechnical propositional artifacts that embody different research questions. At the very core of this process is the notion that we live in transitional times and fostering the discourse that leads to networks of artifacts and communities that embody alternative systems of values is necessary to move away from today’s unsustainable society.