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Kaisa Alapartanen
Kaarina | Finland

Strategic design // communications // coaching // leadership // impact analysis // social marketing

Kaisa Alapartanen Gofore, Service Designer


I am an experienced strategist, concept designer and coach. Complex decision making processes, human brands, b2b-sales, impact analysis and strategic systematic change are themes that have followed me throughout my professional life. My work ethics are based on having serious fun.

I have spent most of my career building digital experiences or company cultures that enable and engage. As a designer I believe in customer centricity, co-creation and coaching. Whether it is a digital transformation or more agile communications that an organisation desires, getting people onboard requires a steady hand, an adequate nudge and a big heart. Design plays a role in changing behaviours, making our scarce resources last for the generations to come and adding beauty into our everyday lives.

As a consultant I thrive when my clients thrive. Human yet assertive, always solving the problems but keeping the assignment within its agreed frame is my approach to customer management. I try to listen more than speak and show rather than tell. As a manager and team leader I always do my outmost to make my team succeed. I've done a lot of sales ranging from cold calling to heavy duty public sector tendering. Industries that I have experience from include pharmaceutical, machinery and mining as well as education and training.

Reaching middle age has reminded me of the importance of doing sports and not only wearing active wear all day. As a semi-professional jazz-singer I am very happy with a microphone.

To me, service design means...

Holistic, human-centered approach to improving and designing services, experiences and communications that create actions!

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