Malmö Design Salon #1 'Natural Interfaces'

Following the successful NORDIC SERVICE DESIGN: Skåne Screening, a group of design professionals from various companies in Malmö joined SDN Skåne to create more events and activities to meet the needs of the local design community. There are not a lot of events for design professionals to meet up and discuss ideas, challenges or issues that relate to us all.

The Malmö Design Salon jumps on that opportunity with a monthly knowledge sharing event that travels between design studios with a new theme each time, and hopefully more and more familiar faces.
On April 10th, 40+ designers came together at the Jayway studio to discuss the topic of 'Natural Interfaces' at the first Malmö Design Salon.

Tony Olsson, kicked off the discussion with a presentation of projects exploring the limits of what can be used as an interface and asking us to consider 'what is natural?'. This was followed by Anders Larsson who presented where we are today and where we are going in relation to voice as an interface and posing the question of 'what is the role of personality within the realm of voice recognition?'.

Following the presentations, Dennis Overhage moderated a panel session with the two speakers and there was a lively discussion between the audience and the speakers. Discussions around the future for daily experiences and the design industry as a whole in light of the looming developments in natural interfaces continued over food and drinks. The enthusiasm for this event has resulted in the continuation of the series and the second event is currently being planned - Malmö Design Salon #2 'Integrity & Data'.

Thank you to:

* Our thought-provoking speakers: Tony Olsson, Design Lead at Softhouse & Anders Larsson, CTO and Co-founder at Topp
* Our wonderful hosts: Jayway ( Design-driven software studios – We combine creativity and technology to swiftly transform ideas into realities on mobile, web and in the cloud.
* SDN Skåne for supporting the event!

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