Service Design Network Denmark was founded as a National Chapter on the 5th of August 2011, where the founding meeting of SDN Denmark took place in a small apartment in Aalborg. Katrine Rau had just returned from international work experience and felt a need for the service design scene to grow in Denmark. SDN Denmark was hereby established. SDN Denmark functions as a virtual and physical platform, where business professionals, designers, employees within the public sector, students and researchers can come together and share knowledge and experience. Designing services in Denmark has roots back to the 1970s, where a major part of the National Danish Hospital System was established. During recent years, the term Service Design has been acknowledged as a professional field and practice in Denmark. This is evident through the increase of service design publications, growing focus on service design in education systems and the diversity in fields of service design implementation across the country.

Katrine Rau
Katrine Rau - Founder of SDN-DK & Group Director at Fjord

Katrine Rau is passionate about people and creating connections. She uses her network ability and strong strategic focus to develop sdn-dk and partner up the organisation with the rest of the Danish organisations. Katrine is also the representative in SDN from the Danish chapter.

Rikke Knutzen
Rikke Knutzen - Co-founder of SDN-DK & Senior Project Manager at MAN Diesel & Turbo

With a heart that pounds for the strategic use of service design as a business driver Rikke Knutzen has a focus to make the Danish chapter support the private business in Denmark and create a better understanding of what design thinking has to offer.

Charlotte Niss
Charlotte Niss - Board Member of SDN-DK & Service Designer at Public Intelligence

Through her work Charlotte Niss are proving how service design makes a difference in the public sector in Denmark - both for users and for the organisations. With a strong understanding of the complexity it entails and empathy for the people involved Charlotte uses SDN-DK in strengthening the possibilities for the field.

Peter Nørregård
Peter Nørregård - Board Member of SDN-DK & Independent innovation and design consultant

Peter has a long experience in working with innovation and design in different sectors in Denmark. He has a profound interest in digital change and creating strong processes for innovation to support design of services and solutions that adds value to customers and companies.