Service Design Network Denmark was founded as a National Chapter on the 5th of August 2011, where the founding meeting of SDN Denmark took place in a small apartment in Aalborg. Katrine Rau had just returned from international work experience and felt a need for the service design scene to grow in Denmark. SDN Denmark was hereby established. SDN Denmark functions as a virtual and physical platform, where business professionals, designers, employees within the public sector, students and researchers can come together and share knowledge and experience. Designing services in Denmark has roots back to the 1970s, where a major part of the National Danish Hospital System was established. During recent years, the term Service Design has been acknowledged as a professional field and practice in Denmark. This is evident through the increase of service design publications, growing focus on service design in education systems and the diversity in fields of service design implementation across the country.

Katrine Rau
Katrine Rau - Group Director at Fjord Copenhagen & Board Member of SDN-DK

Katrine is passionate about seeing companies change from within. Taking a user-centric approach towards product and service creation can transform organizations. Katrine has a co-founder of the SDN-DK chapter in July 2011 and has been the Chapter Representative up until Spring 2019. She has also been a part of the SDN Management Team as National Chapter Board Representative (2012-2014).

Rikke Knutzen
Rikke Knutzen - Co-founder of SDN-DK & Senior Project Manager at MAN Energy Solutions

Alignment between strategic goals, user needs and services are one of the core aspirations for Rikke when she is working in the global team for MAN Energy Solutions to develop and improve (digital-enabled) services. Besides this role she works in the local business area to drive a more customer centric business culture. With a background in Service Design Rikke also co-founded the Danish Chapter of SDN (July 2011).

Lilith Louise Lysgaard Hasbeck
Lilith Louise Lysgaard Hasbeck - Board Member of SDN-DK & Senior User Researcher at Coloplast

Working towards providing better user experiences across touchpoints, digital as well as physical, much of Lilith’s work has centred on aspects of healthcare provision. She’s passionate about making a difference for people who really need it – and what better sector than healthcare to take up that challenge. Lilith is also the chapter representative for SDN.

Peter Nørregård
Peter Nørregård - Board Member of SDN-DK & Independent innovation and design consultant

Peter is passionate about creating service design with a clear intention that solve worthy problems. He truly believes that design offers a superior mindset and methodology to approach.

Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen
Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen - Board Member of SDN-DK & Senior Design Strategist at Telenor

Gertrud takes both a user and future-centric approach when designing stategies for solving complex problems. She is passionate about making a long term impact whether on the individual or societal scale.