Service Design Day - United States

In celebration of Service Design Day, we will have Birgit Mager, Co-founder and President of the Service Design Network and we will be discussing the current state of Service Design in North America.


Service Design in the United States is a vast and diverse field, spanning through multiple industries in the public and private sectors. The Service Design Network has joined forces with frog and the Savannah College of Art and Design to explore the depth and breadth of the field here in the United States through an in-depth research study.

We strongly encourage all Service Designers in North America to participate in this inaugural benchmark study:

In conversation with Birgit Mager, we will explore the current and future of Service Design, highlighting the similarities and differences between the U.S. and European markets. Throughout the conversation we will highlight preliminary findings from our research study and draw connections to Köln International School of Design’s Future of Service Design.

Topics we will discuss:

  • Insight into how Service Design has evolved
  • A deeper understanding of the current Service Design landscape in the United States
  • A picture of the future of Service Design

We will have a moderated open Q&A session for all attendees who wish to ask specific questions to Birgit.

Interview will take place Tuesday June 1 at 12PM, (Central Time) Everyone is welcome to join the conversation from anywhere in the world:

PW: 176207

Here are some global time examples:

  • 12PM Dallas time (CT)
  • Berlin 7PM
  • Dubai 9PM
  • Hong Kong 1AM
  • London 6PM
  • Los Angeles 10AM
  • Melbourne 4AM
  • New York 1PM
  • Paris 7PM
  • Sao Paulo 2PM
  • Tel Aviv 8PM

Thank you and we'll see you there!