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The Next-Gen Service Designer: Formal Education, Portfolio, Career Management...

An overwhelming number of Service Designers in the world today were not formally trained as such.

UX Researchers, UI Designers, Strategy & Business Analysts, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants... this generation of service designers stumbled upon Service Design and learned on the job.

But today a new generation of Service Designers is rising.

And they have a lot of educational options, career paths and ultimately questions.

We will paint a very thorough picture of the current Service Design educational landscape and ask a global expert panel of educators, practitioners, trainers and mentors to provide crucial information, recommendations and tips on how to shape your career as Service Designer:


• Mauricio Manhaes, Ph.D, SCAD, Service Design BFA (Savannah College of Art and Design) Savannah, Georgia

> Mauricio will share with us the formal education program developed by the premiere Service Design school in the US. Overall Curriculum, SD classes, professional internships, hiring trends, admission requirements...


• Marc Fonteijn, The Service Design Show, Utrecht, Netherlands

> Marc will share with us recommendations and tips on how to build a strong service design portfolio and how to make smart and strategic career choices during and after school.


• Jennifer Abernathy, Chick-Fil-A, Atlanta, Georgia

• Colin Proctor, Slalom, Seattle, Washington

> Jennifer and Colin will share with us their experience with service design projects, required additional business acumen, additional soft skills and other x-factor traits to set the next-generation Service Designer apart from the crowd.

Our panel will be followed by an open Q&A session for all virtual attendees who wish to ask specific questions to our guests.

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation from anywhere on the globe. We will send Zoom link as we draw closer to the event date.

Here are some global time examples:

> May 5th, Noon — Dallas Time (CST)

Berlin 7PM

Dubai 9PM

Hong Kong 1AM (May 6)

London 6PM

Los Angeles 10AM

Melbourne 4AM (May 6)

New York 1PM

Paris 7PM

Sao Paulo 2PM

Tel Aviv 8PM

Thank you and we'll see you on May 5th!

Take care and stay safe!