About Shreya Dhawan

Shreya Dhawan
Atlanta | United States


Shreya Dhawan Harmonic Design, Lead Service Designer

Shreya believes in working with collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams to develop solutions to complex real-world problems. 

She is an advocate of embracing ambiguity and often finds herself co-evolving in the problem-solution space. Shreya is deeply invested in constantly exploring culture change in big and small organizations. Her successful explorations have resulted in two publications in Service Design Network’s Touchpoint Journal. Her past work reflects her experience within healthcare, airline, automobile, and food and beverage industries. Her background in Industrial Design helps her understand both the tangible and intangible facets, while being a service designer from SCAD has made her expand her knowledge beyond the ordinary, everyday things while still being a humble lover of simplicity.

Before joining Harmonic Design, she worked as a Strategic Innovation Designer at MJV Technology and Innovation on a wide array of projects ranging from creating innovation capabilities to facilitate collaborative workshops within organizations.

To me, service design means...

Building bridges between people, culture, and services

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