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Stephen Wood
London | United Kingdom

I lead the digital experience transformation team at VirtusaPolaris. Over many (many) years I've worked across the Customer Experience field working with Big 4 and boutique consultancies.

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We all love designing solutions for Wicked Problems. I've been lucky enough to get the chance to work on more than my fair share. Favourite problems include: -How can you tailor a better direct retailer experience for a tech-phobic customer-base? -How can a global software company reshape its leadership training experience to shift from command & control culture to an innovation centric culture? -How can an aircraft manufacturer improve productivity by creating a better enterprise mobile experience? -How can a retail telecom provider improve its NPS through its Field Service organisation.

Stephen Wood
Director: Virtusa Business Consulting

Stephen’s interest in Service Design

-Embedding design-centric teams in organisations that are not design led. -Deep ethnographic research based projects. - Applying Service Design digital channels and emergent technologies.

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SDN November Meet up

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