SDN UK represents and connects the UK’s Service Design industry.

 No matter whether you're a student or a seasoned designer our UK Chapter has something for you.

SDN UK aims to serve the service design community in the UK by being openness, active collaboration and promoting great designers and their work.Working with students, professionals and academics, SDN UK takes an active role in promoting best practice and encouraging dialogue. We collaborate with universities and other interest groups, bringing the UK Service Design community together to promote and develop our industry. 

Looking to be a part of the UK Service Design Community this year?

In 2021 SDN will be focusing on delivering remote events to help the Service 

Design community to keep in touch and keep up to date with what's happening in the industry. 

Along with thematic 'meet ups', we have also launched the SDN UK's first book club which have attracted participants from across the UK (and even from across the Atlantic).

We are always open to suggestions for new events, or new tactics that we could  provide to support the community, so please feel free to get in touch.  

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Find out a little about the SDN UK Committee below.  

Kathryn Grace
Kathryn Grace - Service Design & User Research Leader

Service Design & User Research Leader - passionate about innovation and people centred service design that meets strategic customer, business, technical and creative goals. Enables innovation through the collaborative use of service design, design thinking, coproduction, UX and graphic/information/communication design practices. Works across full service experiences - face to face, literature, social media, telephone systems and digital. Working across sectors with 25+ years experience. Why am I part of the Service Design Network? Committed to engaging people from all sectors in Service Design, to enable them in what they do... for the greater good of people, place and planet. Local interests lay in the North of England, whilst also exchanging learning and participating in the global development of Service Design. Pioneer in Global Jams and People Centred Service Design enabling a vibrant community in the North of England, UK. Supporter of Diverse & Equal #GlobalCitizen #DesignIsForEveryone Say hello...

Ruth Watson
Ruth Watson - Service Designer at Deloitte Digital

I am a senior service designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am deeply empathic and enthusiastic about problem-solving for customers and colleagues. I have five years experience working in service design, with a strong art and design background including a Masters in Service Design from The University of Dundee.

Mandana Dilmaghani
Mandana Dilmaghani - Service Design Manager at Virtusa

As a designer I bridge the gap between people and the world around them and respond to design opportunities through a human centred approach and innovative thinking. I have gained experience in diverse sectors through projects with Sainsbury's, Royal Bank of Scotland, the ICAEW and Jaguar Land Rover, to name a few. Service design creates processes and touch points, to shape the experience of people who use a service and make the services valuable, viable and profitable for the companies that offer them. It includes organising people, digital and physical service components, information and communication flows as well as interaction mechanisms.

Andreas Pattichis
Andreas Pattichis - Lead Service Designer at Hellon

In a nutshell, I have always described myself as a Nordic designer with a Mediterranean twist. As a senior service designer, I have worked in a variety of industries through the multifaceted nature of working in creative agencies throughout my career. My coworkers describe me as a person full of energy, who gets excited about anything that is set onto his plate. I have been known to be able to handle several tasks at the same time, whilst always keeping true to the focus needed, and utilising my organisational skills, that I constantly aim to improve. As a Master of Arts in collaborative and strategic design, I have a strong academic background in the field of service design, which has allowed me to explore other sides of the field, with a keen interest specifically in the development of a business mindset and an understanding of the opportunities in digitalisation. My biggest passion is the ability to work with people, with strong public speaking skills and an interest in always exploring new methods in facilitating co-creative sessions. In most of the projects I have worked for, I usually take the leading role, ensuring the success and on-time delivery of the deliverables promised for any project at stake. In my past, I have worked with companies of the likes of Airbus, Philips, Benetton, Aalto University and HSL, practising design across Europe, Russia, Japan and the US. Working in a multicultural setup is where I see myself at my best, utilising the best that can come out of the cross-section of skills and cultures. Feel free to contact me for further recommendations and references.

Clive Grinyer
Clive Grinyer - Head of Service Design at the Royal College of Art

"Clive Grinyer has been a passionate advocate for the transformational potential of design for some three decades. Today’s focus on the value of digital product design and on design’s value in leading customer experience in the UK is, in large part, due to his work." Creative Review Creative 50, September 2018 I lead the Service Design course at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. This pioneering course has led the development of service design and worked with an amazing array of companies, public sector bodies, cities and organisations. I am a design consultant working with a variety of organisations on service design and innovation and have led corporate design design teams at Barclays, Cisco, Samsung and Orange France Telecom. At Barclays I set up their first Service Design team, which combined data, customer insight and research with creative design methodology to transform customer service experiences. I started with the designer Bill Moggridge in the early days of Interaction Design in San Francisco before co-founding the design company Tangerine. I went on to lead design teams in several organisations including Samsung, Orange, Cisco and the Design Council. I have been a visiting lecturer at the RCA and am Visiting Professor at Glasgow School of Art. I was a trustee of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), am the author of the book "Smart Design" and lecture internationally on design, technology and customer experience. Specialties: Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Technology adoption and usage, Design Process, User research, Usability, User Interface, Product design, Innovation process, Brand Experience, Mobile, Web, TV, Foresight, Inclusive (universal) Design, Sustainability.

Elmer Zinkhann
Elmer Zinkhann - Head of Design at Digital Catapult

Elmer specialises in design for complex challenges He focuses on the following fields: service design and strategy, user experience design and research, interaction design, experiential design, visual design, brand strategy, digital strategy, emerging technology

Stephen Wood
Stephen Wood - Senior Director of Innovation and Transformation at Salesforce

Having worked for two decades in the the field of CX design and implementing Design Thinking frameworks, Stephen focuses on improving tech-enabled innovation in large enterprises. He enjoys mentoring new designers and having coffee with interesting people.