Chapter Vision


The Vision of SDN Chapter in Korea can be summarized in two ways.

First, it serves as a window-of-communication between Korean and global service design. For global service community such as SDN, In this regard, we plan to attend SDGC every year and hope to give a presentation if opportunities are given. We will also occasionally post activities in Korea in English on our chapter website. For Korean service design community, it will serve as a window to introduce various useful information of service design activities around the world (please refer to our plan for the first chapter event this year.)


Second, in terms of the research area, the SDN Chapter in Korea will focus on the following two themes. The first is service design for the public sector. We will focus on public service design including design for government, social innovative design, design for society. The second is service design in the digital transformation. These two research areas are also the direction of service design in Korea. Therefore we envision ourselves to the role as an opinion leader in the Korean service design community.

Kim Sung Woo
Kim Sung Woo - Professor (Kookmin University)

Academic research and project focused on public service design, design for social innovation and service design for digital transformation.

Lee Dongseok
Lee Dongseok - UX Director (Koh Young Technology)

Designing UX with service design methodologies

Kim Kyu-hee
Kim Kyu-hee - UX researcher (LG Electronics)

Working on public service design projects and research for appropriate technology based on SD.

Oh  Youngmi
Oh Youngmi - CEO (Tangino Group)

Established and ran service design agency since 2012. Working with the South Korean government for building-up service design based process for participative policy making with citizens.

Paeng Hansol
Paeng Hansol - Service Design Director (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Designing public health policy from the service design approach. Develop service experience of 13 public hospitals of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Educate service design perspective on the domestic healthcare industry.