Chapter Vision


SDN 한국 챕터는 SDN의 강력한 글로벌 네트워크를 통해 한국의 서비스 디자인 커뮤니티와 세계 여러 지역의 서비스 디자인 커뮤니티 간의 인적 교류와 지식의 공유의 창구 역할을 하고자 합니다. 특히 세계 곳곳에서 수행된 서비스 디자인의 연구⠂과제⠂사례를 국내에 소개하고, 또한 국내의 서비스 디자인 활동을 세계에 알리는 것에 집중하고자 합니다.  


SDN Republic of Korea (South Korea) aims to serve as a window for human exchange and knowledge sharing between the South Korean service design community and service design communities around the world through the powerful global network SDN has established. Particularly, we will focus on introducing service design cases, research, and project outcomes around the world to the South Korean community. At the same time we are excited to share stories about various service design activities in South Korea with the world.

Sung Woo Kim
Sung Woo Kim - Professor (Kookmin University)

Sung Woo Kim, from South Korea, is a professor for the Department of Experience Design in the Graduate School of Techno Design at Kookmin University. His expertise lies in public service design, design for social innovation, and UX. At school he runs ‘Design for Unity’ lab which focuses on designer’s effort to resolve conflict and bring harmony among people, communities, and societies towards coexistence. One of the main topics covered in his lab is design research for Korean reunification; how design can contribute to bring peaceful reunification between South and North Korea.

Dongseok Lee
Dongseok Lee - UX Director (Koh Young Technology)

Designing UX with service design methodologies

Kyu-hee Kim
Kyu-hee Kim - UX researcher (LG Electronics)

Working on public service design projects and research for appropriate technology based on SD.

Youngmi Oh
Youngmi Oh - CEO (Tangino Group)

Established and ran service design agency since 2012. Working with the South Korean government for building-up service design based process for participative policy making with citizens.

Hansol Paeng
Hansol Paeng - Service Design Director (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Designing public health policy from the service design approach. Develop service experience of 13 public hospitals of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Educate service design perspective on the domestic healthcare industry.