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服务设计共创沙龙 Service Design Co-Creation Salon


Why do customers remain so loyal to certain brands? Even if there are many similar products, it is impossible to give up the love for it. What is the reason why these brands have so many advocates?

We cut into the perspective of service design, focus on customer experience, and convey to brand entrepreneurs how to build a value chain that keeps customers highly loyal to them.

价值链路 value chain
价值链路 value chain


A brief introduction to the value chain of loyalty, no matter any product or service, the first step in customer contact with it starts from "cognition". The cognition of a product or service includes discovery and attraction. If you are discovered or not attracted, you will have nowhere to buy, let alone have loyalty to it;

The second is the “attraction” stage. Attraction covers two parts. One is how products or services connect with customers, and what customers know about is media advertisements or other people’s recommendations. Invisible and intangible pure experience service, or a combination of the two;

The third stage is "buy", which is the stage that brands like to see;

The final stage is “loyalty,” where customers support the product or service to repurchase or recommend it to others.

At any stage, customers must be included in the value system. The value is not the product itself, but is created by customers and merchants in the process of using products or services; traditional business regards customers as objects that need to be conquered, trying to Convince customers to make a decision to pay, and "service" regards customers as a resource, a value-creating resource. Enterprises create value for customers in the process of cooperating with customers!

服务是一种系统方法,帮助企业从服务、系统的设计角度审视产品、品牌、商业运营流程,确保客户或用户模式。 “不管你愿意与否,未来的营销,拼是服务!因为只有服务才能让你和你的用户走得越来越近。走得越来越近,锁定用户。”的生命价值!”

Service design is a systems approach that helps companies re-examine products, brands, business models, and operational processes from a holistic, systems perspective to enhance or reshape the customer experience. When we talk about service design, remember: the user is the starting point of everything we do.

"Whether you like it or not, the future of marketing is all about service! Because only service can bring you and your users closer and closer. Only by getting closer can you lock in the lifetime value of your users!"