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如何通过服务设计留住员工并给客户带来更好的体验? How to retain employees and bring better experience to customers through service design



Context: After the COVID-19 gradually eased in Shenzhen, Cohim invited Mrs. Jiang from Jianzheng Soft Skills Center to share "How to retain employees and bring better experience to customers through service design" with founders and executives of apparel, jewelry, home decoration and other industries.

 参会成员: 邀请了数十位家装、珠宝等行业的创始人及高层人员

Participants: Dozens of founders and senior executives in home decoration, jewelry and other industries

 目标: 让听众了解服务设计的商业价值,并提高后续服务设计体验课程的转化率

Goal: To enable the audience to understand the business value of service design, and to increase the conversion rate of subsequent service design experience courses




Expectations of participants:

To enhance employee loyalty and responsibility, reduce employee turnover, and improve customer experience through service design.

After a business perfects its service design system, employee retention will no longer be an issue. If we give employees more autonomy and involve them in building the business, it will give them a stronger sense of responsibility and the perception that their self-worth is perceived by others. And when the employee's self-worth is valued, he will treat the customer better, just as the company treats him. For example, the staff of HaiDiLao Hotpot has the autonomy to waive ¥200 per month, and can deal with problems in time without reporting to their superiors.




Through the cases of HaiDiLao HotPot and IKEA, we hope to convey the value of service design to the audience, awaken their service consciousness, and guide them to shift from the traditional product-centered thinking to the customer-centered service design thinking.



Miss 王:姜老师这个理念适用于各行各业,但是我自己认为更适合珠宝行业,因为珠宝不是刚需,所以特别需要服务,特别需要精神层面的倡导。

Mr 张:以前觉得服务是做出来的,其实服务是设计出来的。您刚才说到“要么设计,要么被设计”,这句话让我感触特别深,因为这些东西确实是需要去从顶层入手,我是做纯服务类的,根本就没有实体产品,所以这个对我们来说非常重要。


Miss Wang: Mrs. Jiang’s concept could be applied to all walks of life, but I think it is more suitable for the jewelry industry, because jewelry is not rigid demand, it especially needs service, and especially needs the spiritual level of advocacy.

 Mr. Zhang: I used to think that services are made, but in fact services are designed. You just said "zhedesign or be designed", it really touched me, because these things really need to start from the top. I'm working on pure services without any physical product, so it is very important to us.