What’s going on:
Monthly meetups in different cities where we discuss and work on different themes and topics. Right now we’re pretty busy with the SDGC ‘17 :) Yay!

What we’d like to see happening soon-ish:
• Establish links, exchange and support with groups all over Spain. Reach out if you’re reading this :)
• Expand the array of events to cover different formats, geographies, themes and timeframes.
• Host 1 or 2 conferences per year after the SDGC17, aiming for contextual interests and professional presence
• Establish ongoing partnerships with local hubs, associations and educational institutions

In the not-so-distant future...
• Join forces and complement other institutions by serving as connection point and knowledge base when interfacing with the public sector for the greater good

Rafael Rebolleda
Rafael Rebolleda - Mormedi

A seasoned and award winning designer with 17+ years of experience in strategic design for digital products and services. Both a teacher and a lifelong learner, he's consistently helped each and every company he's worked with (from startups to big corporations) to grow, consolidate and raise the bar in their industry by leading multidisciplinary teams to create value for consumers through great end-to-end user experiences.

Beatriz Macarrón
Beatriz Macarrón - Service Design Lead at Garaje de Ideas

Beatriz discovered Strategic Design searching for solutions to solve complex social problems. This was the beginning of a journey full of learnings and discoveries. She has dedicated much of her professional life to non-profit organizations and currently works as Service Design Lead in Garaje de Ideas. Her ability to empathize with people while maintaining the overall vision, makes her a strategy and service design lover, not only in the field of business, but also applied to team management and cultural change within organizations.

Luis Eduardo Dejo
Luis Eduardo Dejo - Fjord

Luis has over 15 years of work experience and a strong enthusiasm for people, design, brands, culture, food and life. He has worked for four multinational CPG companies (in Peru and other countries in Latin America) and is currently working for a global consultancy firm. He loves understanding users and their context to provide them with compelling experiences that can turn into business and growth opportunities.

David de Prado
David de Prado - BBVA

David loves to design for the user taking into account the objectives and needs of his clients. He also loves to design for his clients taking into account the objectives and needs of the users. Working within multidisciplinary teams, researching and understanding user needs, harmonising the needs of multiple stakeholders, and managing uncertain scenarios are ok for me.

Ion Iriarte
Ion Iriarte - Mondragon University

Lecturer and researcher at the Engineering Faculty of Mondragon University. Since 2010, he has developed several Service Design research projects working for sectors such as the automotive industry, tool machinery, elevation, insurances and finance. Currently in charge of the Strategic Design Master Program at Mondragon University, he got his Phd on Design Engineering exploring the contribution of Service Design to manufacturing servitization.

Lucho Dominguez
Lucho Dominguez - Telefonica

With 15 years of experience in the digital industry, he's been focusing on worldwide ethnographic research at Telefonica R&D, where he serves as Design Research Lead for Video Product Strategy. Certified in both Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving facilitation, he's also co-founder of Experience_Lab, a non-profit focused on human centered innovation.