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Andy McDonald
Hammonton | United States


Andy is passionate about... service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education, design and culture, user experience, prototyping, workshop, digital service, user journey, user-centred, inclusive, field research, interviews, workshops, simplification, participatory approach, shadowing, well-being service, qualitative research, co-creation, enhanced-efficiency, touchpoint analysis, service vision, increasing effectiveness, service blueprint, simplification, transformation of culture, strategic, service design toolkit, experimentation, digital transformation, organisational change, system transformation, interdisciplinary, empathy-building, employee experience, system design, sustainability, employee journey, continuous innovation, value proposition, measurement system, visualisation, storytelling, service strategies, methodology, Internet of Things, team collaboration, service guidelines, omni-channel, journey map, stakeholder map, concept development, service innovation, service roadmap, co-design sessions, concept sketching, co-design, digital, service origami, customer experience, multi-channel, experience roadmap, service safari, future scenario, customer journey, desktop research, ethnographic research, contextual research, Co-creation, Ethnographic Research, Customer Journey, user-driven innovation, innovation process, customer journey, service design, business design, Workshop, AI, machine learning, participatory design, experience design, employee engagement, service improvement, service Strategy, Human-Centered Research, Digital Service and Organizational Structure

Andy McDonald
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