The mission of Russian SDN Chapter is to share the service experience and human-centered culture with Russian-speaking businesses. We want to implement service design and design thinking, arrange events, coach service managers and companies; therefore, we are to diffuse the knowledge through every possible means. 

It is about methods & metrics, coaching & education, ramp-up & development.

Russian companies, both public and private, feel the need to redesign their services completely. 

However, they don’t know how to start these changes as none of them knows what service design is. It is hard to overestimate the importance of service design in Russia nowadays. 

There are hundreds of millions people who interact with state companies every day. The inefficiency of the most public services like the Post of Russia, healthcare, and banking facilities became the subject of mockery long time ago. 

Business is trying to find its way in service design development but there is no similar experience in Russia.

But we are sure that service design is the future of every business structure. And it is especially important for Russia, where 100 million people use public services daily. 

That is why, we see the huge potential interest in the service design in the next 3-5 years in our country. 

We are to develop the Russian chapter by including the new business players as the SDN members.

Valentina Uralova
Valentina Uralova - Expert in service strategy development, Co-Founder & Partner INEX Partners

Being an expert in service strategy development, Valentina has been involved in the joint large-scale projects with Tarkett, Sberbank, Home Credit Bank, Beeline, Gazprom Neft, Tochka. Being an expert speaker, she has held a lot of events, such as Design Thinking Camp, Experience Design Camp, Customer Experience Show, etc. Valentina is the visionary and founder of the first Russian Service Design Agency, the INEX Partners. Sberbank User Service Development is one of the most ambitious projects of INEX Partners now. It is the 5-year process of implementing service design and design thinking in the largest Russian bank system.

Irina Baranova
Irina Baranova - Expert in service strategy development, Co-Founder & Partner INEX Partners

Irina has implemented service design and design thinking as methodology since 2011. She has worked with the most innovative Russian companies like Tarkett, Sberbank, Home Credit Bank, Beeline, Gazprom Neft, Tochka. Irina has been the pioneer of the design thinking in Russia since she graduated from the HPI School of Design Thinking at Stanford University in 2007. She is a coach, academic teacher and the author of the design-thinking guide book. Irina is the editor of Tim Brown’s “Change by Design” book for Russian readers.

Lyudmila Shavlokhova
Lyudmila Shavlokhova - Senior Competency Development Manager, Beeline University, Veon Ltd.

Lyudmila has the 10-year's long experience at the corporate university. She studied Service Design in the INEX Partners Academy and Lumiknows courses. Since 2016, she is the author and the project manager of Design Your Future course for the introduction and promotion of Design Thinking in the Vympelcom company (one of three biggest mobile operators in Russia). Also, she is the Senior Competence Development Manager of Development Department and the curator of educational programs and initiatives for Design Thinking and Service Design in Vimpelcom company.

Alexey Svishchev
Alexey Svishchev - Dean of Additional Vocational Education Faculty at Graduate School of Public Administration at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Alexey is the Academic director of the Agile Technologies in Management master’s program at the International Business Studies Institute at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Also, he is the visiting professor at the University of Hermordshire, Hamield, UK and the visiting professor at the Moscow State University of Management.

Danila Maksishko
Danila Maksishko - Service Designer at M.Video

Danila Maksishko is experienced service designer. Being passionate about bringing value to people he started his career as a public servant at Moscow City Government in 2010. In 2015 he started practice in design management and became a passionate believer in human-centered design. Now he is working in-house for Russian Largest consumer electronics retail chain M.Video.