Established on 3 pillars, Community, Business and Knowledge, the Portuguese Chapter of SDN mandate is to tackle have a relevant impact in both private and public sectors.






Engage the community of practitioners. Ideally by organizing (small) events at larger organizations to mingle between experts, businesses and give a flavor to potential practitioners.

• Create practical knowledge, through lessons learned from each individual member;

• Establish a link between business practices and academics vision;

• Prepare and execute networking events;

• Prepare and execute training events to share knowledge.



Promote service design awareness and value proposition for organizations, public and private by:

• Develop a commercial pitch deck;

• Engage corporate customers for introduction sessions;

• Establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders;

• Promote hands-on experiences with the Community.



Become a relevant stakeholder for knowledge seekers, regarding Service Design best practices in the business context.

• Centralize knowledge created within the community;

• Promote events for knowledge sharing between business and academia;

• Promote participation of business in academia events and vice-versa;

• Establish a lessons learned and case studies library.