Established on 3 pillars, Community, Business and Knowledge, the Portuguese Chapter of SDN mandate is to tackle have a relevant impact in both private and public sectors.






Engage the community of practitioners. Ideally by organizing (small) events at larger organizations to mingle between experts, businesses and give a flavor to potential practitioners.

• Create practical knowledge, through lessons learned from each individual member;

• Establish a link between business practices and academics vision;

• Prepare and execute networking events;

• Prepare and execute training events to share knowledge.



Promote service design awareness and value proposition for organizations, public and private by:

• Develop a commercial pitch deck;

• Engage corporate customers for introduction sessions;

• Establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders;

• Promote hands-on experiences with the Community.



Become a relevant stakeholder for knowledge seekers, regarding Service Design best practices in the business context.

• Centralize knowledge created within the community;

• Promote events for knowledge sharing between business and academia;

• Promote participation of business in academia events and vice-versa;

• Establish a lessons learned and case studies library.

Mauro Bastos

Graduated in Data Processing Technology, MBA in Business Management, specializations in Business Model Innovation, Service Thinking for Business Innovation and Digital Transformation. With more than 27 years of experience in the IT sector, most of them dedicated to Microsoft. He has solid experience in the coordination and implementation of IT Projects in several national and international companies.

Laura Lorenzo

During the past 15 years, Laura has played a set of roles along the project: design researcher, service designer, facilitator, salesperson and project leader. She has worked for the Catalan, Spanish and Chilean governments, helping them to solve real problems, and be more citizen-driven. Laura has also worked with kids with cancer trying to make their journey a bit less confusing and scaring. Moved to Portugal, 4 years ago, where she has been working in the B2B IT world, where she has steered the organization she worked with to become more customer-centric. She holds an MBA in Service Innovation and Design from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland and a Masters in Agricultural Engineering from the Lleida University and from the Universidad of Costa Rica.

Daniel Santos

Daniel is a service designer and a human-centered innovation enthusiast. He was Design Lead at FutureEverything in Manchester, UK, where he worked on smart-cities and participative design projects. Before that, he lived in India, for about 4 years, where he taught design in higher education. He moved to Lisbon to join LabX, the experimentation lab of Portuguese public administration, where he is a senior service designer. At LabX, Daniel is applying Service Design methodologies to make public services more efficient and improve the daily lives of Portuguese citizens. He founded Service Design Portugal and re-started Lisbon Service Jam (a chapter from the Global Service Jam) in 2018. This year, he was also one of the mentors for the Global GovJam, in Porto, Portugal. Daniel holds a MAin Digital Experience Design, Postgrad in Design Management and BA in Digital Arts.

Sofia Peres

Sofia is a service designer and innovation activist. Through research, co-creation and strategic design initiatives, she facilitates multi-stakeholders throughout the innovation process to improve or create new services, always applying a human-centred approach. Motivated by the unknown, she explores emerging fields with a particular focus on the role of design in society, services and innovation. Always eager to explore and experiment, Sofia also designs and delivers training in human-centred design for several entities. With background in Communication Design, Sofia refocused her journey to service innovation and new product development, with the Master in Innovation and Design Management, in Barcelona. From there she worked in service design studios and hosted several service design events, in the cities of Barcelona, Porto and Lisbon, as local host and main facilitator. Now she is focusing her work on redesign and innovate public services for the city of Porto.

Susana Branco

Susana has over 10 years’ experience in user-centered innovation and customer experience design. She loves the startup world and making the bridge between the startup entrepreneur mindset and corporations. She has a degree in Industrial Design and a Masters in Design Futures from Goldsmiths College, University of London and in 2016 finished studying Management at Universidade Católica - Lisboa. She worked as industrial designer at Samsung Design Europe. Back in Lisbon she worked at Beta-i, facilitating startups to transform their ideas into reality and co-founded the Cooperativa Criativa, a network that aims to promote service design & design thinking in Portugal and run the Service Design Drinks Lisbon and GSJLisbon. Susana is a co-founder of Busigners - a boutique consultancy firm that combines research, design, and strategy to build great customer.

Carlos Moreira

Bachelor in Computer Science and a Masters in Service Engineering and Management (where he had the first contact with service design). Carlos started his career, during his masters, by pursuing innovative ideas in the Porto startup ecosystem. Signed up at Deloitte Portugal in December 2014 and worked as a technology consultant for Financial Services in Clients reaching Africa, Middle East and Europe. Part of Deloitte Digital Portugal and working as a Service Designer since 2016, Carlos has worked with the top 3 financial services organizations in Portugal to help them pursue innovative ideas and engage the Digital Transformation.

Kasper van der Knaap
Kasper van der Knaap - SERVICE DESIGNER @ Koos Service Design

As is a strategic service designer with a Masters degree in Strategic Product Design from the Delft University of Technology Kasper knows how to master the design process. During his time in Australia Kasper discovered his passion to work with different cultures and bring them together. Before working as an innovation consultant for the Brazilian market Kasper graduated on a crowdfunding platform to connect Brazilian athletes with commercial organisations. With the experience from different cultures Kasper opened the first office of Koos Service Design outside the Netherlands to bring service design to Portugal.