Established on 3 pillars, Community, Business and Knowledge, the Portuguese Chapter of SDN mandate is to tackle have a relevant impact in both private and public sectors.






Engage the community of practitioners. Ideally by organizing (small) events at larger organizations to mingle between experts, businesses and give a flavor to potential practitioners.

• Create practical knowledge, through lessons learned from each individual member;

• Establish a link between business practices and academics vision;

• Prepare and execute networking events;

• Prepare and execute training events to share knowledge.



Promote service design awareness and value proposition for organizations, public and private by:

• Develop a commercial pitch deck;

• Engage corporate customers for introduction sessions;

• Establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders;

• Promote hands-on experiences with the Community.



Become a relevant stakeholder for knowledge seekers, regarding Service Design best practices in the business context.

• Centralize knowledge created within the community;

• Promote events for knowledge sharing between business and academia;

• Promote participation of business in academia events and vice-versa;

• Establish a lessons learned and case studies library.

Mauro Bastos

Graduated in Data Processing Technology, MBA in Business Management, specializations in Business Model Innovation, Service Thinking for Business Innovation and Digital Transformation. With more than 27 years of experience in the IT sector, most of them dedicated to Microsoft. He has solid experience in the coordination and implementation of IT Projects in several national and international companies.

Laura Lorenzo
Laura Lorenzo - Chief Circular Officer

Laura Lorenzo is an Experience Designer that has helped governments, social startups and IT companies to become more people-centric rather than customer-centric alone. As such, Laura not only focuses on the experience of the end user, but also on the employee’s which, too frequently, is omitted. To raise awareness on the importance of intentionally designing the employee experience, she regularly publishes articles on LinkedIn and Medium on the theme “A new way to make the workplace work” Currently, she is obsessed with using Design for creating sustainable futures for all. That brought her to resign from her well-paid job at one of the Portuguese unicorns and launch A Piece of Lemon Cake that helps cities become carbon neutral in a very simple and scalable way.