SDN Chapter Award 2018 for Best Public Relations goes to…YES!

During the Service Design Global Conference in Dublin SDN Poland Chapter won the 2018 SDN Chapter Award for the Best Public Relations!

Did you know that it was for the first time when any SDN Chapter received the SDN Chapter Award within its very first year of activity? We are so proud and so thankful to SDN Global for the appreciation. We are also thankful to our expanding SDN Polish community for the support and motivation to act. 

The award gives us a strong boost of positive energy to go ahead, especially that we have just launched a new series of Autumn series of meet-ups. Stay tuned with the SDN Poland Chapter!

Any appetite for a joint international project with SDN Poland Chapter? Contact us!

#SDNPL: Beata Bieńkowska, Katarzyna Młynarczyk, Marta Kuroszczyk, Tomek Bieńkowski, Piotr Wojciechowski.

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