Some of the big enterprises are investing in the city in R&D Centers and Innovation Hubs. These industries are also understanding that they need to create human center cultures from back to front end if they want to stay relevant on the market, and focus only in processes and optimization is not enough. Making people from all industries turn their head to Service Design. 


Drive Service Design knowledge in Monterrey and areas around, building a strong and supportive community that empowers designers and other disciplines towards the knowledge and growth of Service Design as a discipline.

Monterrey takes the second place in Mexico in number of people working as service designers, however the numbers are not satisfactory. As a chapter we want to create awareness about the importance of the practice, not only for the private sector, but also the social impact it could have.


    1. To start the conversation around Service Design and its process, so people and enterprises can identify new opportunities
    2. Create a community that can work as a support network to solve questions
    3. Provide the forums to talk about trends and challenges

For us success looks like helping increase in at least 2% the number of service designers in our city compared to the 2019 SDMX report.

Maria José Guerrero
Maria José Guerrero - Service and Interaction Designer

I have a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Strategy, graduated from CEDIM Business Innovation University. I have worked for different industries such as Life Insurance, Real Estate, Fintech and Blockchain. With more than 4 years of experience in human centered design, I have experience working with remote and local teams in several projects with cross-disciplinary teams.

Verónica Vela Recio
Verónica Vela Recio - Researcher

I’m an In-house Researcher for Cemex and have 10 years of experience working in the design field. With an Industrial Design background and a Master Degree in Industrial Design and Product Innovation, while working in Schneider Electric as Product Designer, I did a certification in Design Thinking, which gave me the tools to start bringing awareness in human-centered design to the company.

Gabriela Salinas
Gabriela Salinas - CEO at Service Design Mexico

After studying graphic design, I was able to study a Master in Business Innovation, where I learned about strategic design, research and business. This knowledge led me to take the leap from doing graphic design work to start working at Idea Couture. I worked there for 3 years doing projects across a range of industries such as finance, insurance, beauty, beverages, among others. I later moved to BBVA, where I was fortunate to be the first service designer hired in the Mexico team. My last job was at GBM investment banking, where I was hired to create their service design team, and after a year I was promoted to Director of Design.

Priscila Luna
Priscila Luna - Service Designer

I'm currently working at a BBVA company called Openpay as Service Designer. In my role I look for the creation of a consistent experience, understanding customer needs, expectations and perceptions. I have a degree in Industrial Design from CEDIM and a postgraduate degree in Innovation Strategies from IED Barcelona. I have 5 years of experience as a Service Designer, collaborating with different industries and clients as an in-house designer and consultant. I'm constantly looking to implement new ideas, test, learn and make changes, always with a focus on placing the human at the core of every project.