Chapter Plans

  • Grow a network of executives, leaders, startups and practitioners focused on Service Design that can sustain the need for talent in our city. 
  • Promote community and connectedness through gatherings such as lightning talks, panel discussions, round tables and workshops through the year. 
  • Identify and connect organizations to Service Design and service designers

Goals for our chapters:
  • Hold monthly chapter events at Coworking spaces in order to grow our community to a more professional level.
  • Sustain a cross-disciplined community and approach to Service Design by including a variety of related disciplines and expertise to enrich our content.
  • Connect with students, young startups and young designers to inform them of the Service Design profession, to mentor their career development and help them engage the local community with Service Design initiatives.

Priscila Williams
Priscila Williams - Service Design Head at CitiBank

I started studying Service Design about 10 years ago in Italy and since then I have been applying it in different organizations always trying to keep learning and to grow in my profession. I complemented my studies with an MS in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons NYC and now I am a Service Designer at BBVA Mexico; in addition I am teaching Service Design at two of the top universities in Mexico, I organice the Service Design Drinks Mexico (with my friend Adriana Ojeda), I co-founded an iniciative to teach Service Design in Mexico (SDMX) and recently I started a SD consultancy. All my efforts are focused in spreading the word of SD in my country.

Adriana Ojeda
Adriana Ojeda - Service Designer at Globant

I’m lucky to work as a service designer at the most important bank in Mexico, I also started a SD consultancy in which I have been working lately. In addition I co-organice the Service Design Drinks Mexico, I co-founded an iniciative to teach Service Design in Mexico (SDMX). Everything that I am doing is in order to spread the word of Service Design in Mexico because is something still very new here. My first contact with SD happened a few years ago when I studied at Universitat Central de Catalunya, after this I had the opportunity to host the Global Service Jam in Leon Mexico and I realized that I wanted to follow this path. Today I teach to future service designers at Ibero and ITESM.

"All of our efforts are to spread the value of Service Design in our country and to develop a stronger future generation of service designers" - Adriana & Priscila