Yucatan thrives on collaboration and global progress. Efforts are aligned towards common goals of growth and transformation. The region boasts competitive advantages, including its strategic geographical position and efficient logistics, facilitating seamless connections with major international markets. Its proximity to the United States and central location within the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe renders Yucatan a prime destination for commercial activities, ensuring swift and effective product distribution.

Yucatan's appeal to both national and international companies is rooted in its robust infrastructure and excellent connectivity. This has attracted significant investments and fostered a conducive environment for business ventures. Emphasizing science, technology, and innovation as central pillars of productivity, the state welcomes investments and collaborations, offering support to businesses looking to establish a presence in the region.

The geographical advantage of Yucatan fuels innovation, particularly in key sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and biotechnology. Its proximity to the United States and the Caribbean not only enhances trade opportunities but also facilitates collaboration. Moreover, the  region's rich cultural heritage and dynamic creative sector complement its technological advancements, fostering the development of unique business models and products.

In 2020, the SDMX conducted a study to assess the status of service design across Mexico. That was the most recent survey of its kind in our country. At that time, only 1% of people in Yucatán were engaged in Service Design. We believe that, four years later, this percentage has increased to 5%.

There is currently no specific data available regarding the size of the strategic design market in Yucatán. However, it is widely believed that the strategic design industry in Yucatán is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by the state's economic development and the escalating demand for services from local businesses.

The most sought-after strategic design services in Yucatán encompass business strategy definition, user experience creation, and the development of innovative products and services. Yucatecan companies are increasingly in search of strategic designers capable of assisting them in competing effectively in the global market and generating value for their clients.

Women comprise over 30% of the strategic design workforce in Yucatán, while 60% of strategic designers in the region hold a bachelor's degree or higher. The primary cities for strategic design in Yucatán include Mérida, Valladolid, and Tizimín.

Currently, there is a noticeable gap in professional and academic offerings in Service Design within Yucatán. Drawing on knowledge acquired from external platforms, we are enthusiastic about advocating for the discipline and sharing our expertise with those keen on expanding their understanding.

Jessica Ávila Reguera
Jessica Ávila Reguera - Service Designer @Growi

Motivation: Spread this methodology across the state of Yucatán to educate a diverse array of companies, students, chambers, and other stakeholders, enabling them to craft business strategies tailored to their end clients. This will guarantee that the formulation of experiences and services proves advantageous for companies in Yucatán, thereby fostering their financial expansion.

Norma Julieta García
Norma Julieta García - @GreatPartnersmx

Motivation: Make my city one of the references of the Mexican southeast in matters of strategic design, Mérida is a city with exponential growth at the moment and since my first approaches with design I understood that there is a way to achieve an equitable and accessible design. I am motivated to collaborate and connect with people from different industries who have this vision of collaboration to make the city a better place for everyone and as a community.

Daniela Fernández
Daniela Fernández - Service Design Associate Manager @Accenture Mexico

Motivation: Now, as I set my sights on the SDN Chapter Mérida, I'm filled with excitement and purpose. Mérida's growth presents a unique opportunity to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where ideas are nurtured, connections are forged, and meaningful change is ignited. By joining the SDN Chapter Mérida, I'm eager to contribute my knowledge, experiences, and passion for service design to help shape the region's future landscape.