Our objectives: share and grow Service Design through in-person and virtual events in Indianapolis, the midwest, and beyond. Grow a network of executives, leaders and practitioners focused on Service Design that can sustain the need for talent in our city. Promote community and connectedness through formal and informal gatherings such as panel discussions and workshops through the year. Identify and connect organizations and top tier research institutions to SD leadership where SD can make a difference.

Terri Wada
Terri Wada - Design Strategist & President, Collabo Creative

As president and cofounding partner, Terri leads the direction of Collabo Creative while managing design strategy projects for non-profits, start-ups and fortune 500 companies. Additionally, she holds several design education and community positions including adjunct faculty at Indiana University Herron School of Art and Design.

Andrea Haydon
Andrea Haydon - Design Strategist, RATIO

As a Design Strategist Andrea brings a unique skillset and perspective to RATIO’s process. She has a wealth of public workshop experience and uses a combination of ethnographic research tools to understand the organizations RATIO works with and make recommendations that influence the design process. Andrea's a graduate of Herron School of Art & Design's Visual Communication Program as well as a former Adjunct Professor of the program.

Ali Kattman
Ali Kattman - Lead Design Researcher, Collabo Creative

Ali is a visual experience designer who recently graduated with a Visual Communications degree from Herron School of Art & Design and earned a certificate in Design Thinking. Ali has a passion for type, color, and all things design. She excels in branding, marketing, and web design.

Niki Gracia
Niki Gracia - Lead Design Researcher, Collabo Creative

Ana ‘Niki’ Gracia, is a Design Researcher passionate about engaging with people. She has participated in different community-based research projects with the IU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, engaging with the youth community and their families around Indianapolis. Niki has also taken part in other research projects understanding the life and experiences of migrant farm workers in the State of Indiana, this project was a partnership in between Herron Visual Communication program and the Indiana Department of Health. She is currently a Lead Design Researcher / Facilitator with Collabo Creative, a Service Design company based in Indianapolis. Niki is from Guadalajara, Mexico and speaks Spanish, which has giving her the opportunity to reach to a wider audience while conducting research (Indianapolis has a large Hispanic/Latino population).

Levi Hadley
Levi Hadley - President | Design Strategist, Studio Levi

Levi is a brand designer and strategist. He helps organizations understand their customers through people-centered design, and connect with them through compelling brand visuals.