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From project management to service design

Delia Ramírez ITESO, Profesor

About 4 years ago I started working and knowing what service design is. My professional career began as a Project Manager focused on software development, I certified as a Project Manager Professional, and I was a person who lived very comfortably in the structure and tranquility that gave me the use of almost standardized methodologies.

One day, the place where I work, proposed me to start study Service Design, I began to investigate and I carried out a couple of projects in consulting mode almost in voluntary format just to learn more. Little by little, I was soaking up the concept and ended up loving it. Now I considered myself a person who prefers more innovation and those processes that can culminate in greater "chaos" and without having so much control, so to speak.

I have found ways to mix both passions, and it has given interesting results.

I am currently running a degree program called Service Enterprise Engineering, where students mix engineering with the development of people-centered experiences. It´s been quite a journey!

To me, service design means...

It is disorder within an order. If I compare it with project management where the formats and following a certain order of practices is important. The design of services opens a world of possibilities to solve people's problems. The tools are important, but they are not the priority, the important thing is to observe, analyze and solve problems centered on the person.

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Nicaragua: Service Design courses

Nicaragua: Service Design courses

I have had the opportunity to teach 2 courses on Service Design to entrepreneurs, students and the Nicaraguan community; between them I had more than 100 students. The first was in face-to-face format and the second in virtual format. What most marked me about these courses was the quality of the people, their motivations and the emotion they injected into their projects.

Nicaragua is a developing country, currently it is building an open innovation platform supported by the world bank. Its strategy focuses on developing its physical infrastructure, and the skills of people to drive innovation.

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