About Juliana Gutiérrez

Juliana Gutiérrez
El Retiro | Colombia

Strategic Designer - HCD

Juliana Gutiérrez EAFIT University, Teacher - Researcher

I am juliana: mom, strategic designer, entrepreneur, teacher and student of life.

I am a Product Design Engineer, specialized in Product Design Management and Magister in Engineering.

My field of expertise is Strategic Design. My profesional career has focused on the fields of innovation, Human Centered Design, cualitative research, fuzzy front end, service design, customer experience and collaborative design.

Design and education are my passions. I co-founded and worked for 5 years in Etapa Zero, a firm that helped companies designing new products and services based on human centered design approaches. Today I work as a teacher at Eafit University, and as an independent consultant, developing proyects that create value for people through innovation and strategic design.

I have worked with many companies solving complex challenges, in sectors like finance, health, mobility, among others.

My purpose in life is to create meaningful paths that positively impact my life and the life of the people around me.

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