Chapter events - United States

February 8, 2022 12 pm Central Standard Time (CST) / 7 pm Central European Time (CET)

Join Service Design Network Chicago & Poland chapters to continue our series about service design for food systems with social and sustainable impact.

Feel inspired to think about tomorrow's food systems with two case studies by Relish Works, a Chicago-based innovation hub exploring the future of the food and foodservice industry.

You'll hear about Doright Dinner, a service designed to provide medically tailored meals to seniors, and how Relish Works investigated the future of food distribution and fulfillment systems in urban environments.

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Kate Micheels — Innovation Studio Director

Kate leads the Relish Works design, strategy, and innovation studio, bringing human-centered design expertise and perspective to the exploration of future trends and growth opportunities in the food industry. She channels her education and passion for art and interior architecture into ongoing home renovations, really organized closets, and toddler art projects.

Stephanie Wethington — Head of Trust20, a Relish venture

Stephanie leads a team of designers, developers, and marketing specialists at Relish Works venture Trust20 on a mission to make the foodservice industry a more respected and equitable profession. Stephanie led the research and service design behind the Medically Tailored Meal Delivery Program. Outside of work, Stephanie is a dog mom to a Shiba Inu named Hugo and enjoys unwinding with a little cardio boxing class.

Mara Russo — Design Director

Mara leads project teams within the Relish Works design, strategy and innovation studio, bringing a wide range of visual, experiential, product, and service design experience to solve problems within the food service industry. She is a hobby generalist - is passionate about her dog Olive, painting, cooking, baking, and tinkering with her Chicago apartment.