Chapter events - Belgium

Welcome to our (free) EXPO on product-service system (PSS) design at the Faculty of Design Sciences, Antwerpen.

Hi there friends of 'design'! Do you: "often think about social city design?" "want some inspiration close to the holidays?" "look for interns?" "consider a short daybreak or stop by before you head home?" "fancy a talk+walk+drink amidst great projects?" "see similarities with projects you're working on?"

Take your colleagues out for a spin Thursday 21|12, visit the new building of Product Development (Faculty of Design Sciences) @ Paardenmarkt 92 (2000 Antwerp) - Atrium. You're welcome between 10AM & 6PM for our yearly EXPO!

After 12 weeks, our 1st Master students will showcase their product-service system (PSS) design projects. This year's topic 'Social City Design' results in 14 mind-blowing cases (on e.g., Reviving interest in neighborhood work programs, End-of-life narratives, Cohousing, Bringing agriculture into the city, Leveraging art+nature for health & psychological aid, Student life, and many more).

All other topics came out of this list (students were free to choose) and elaborated on it during twelve weeks with the PSS design toolkit:

  1. Creating tranquil lee oases in low socioeconomic neighborhoods
  2. Future mobility/neighborhood hubs: integrating sharing mobility, local economy (traditional, circular, e-commerce), and social community life
  3. Empowering girls and young women in public spaces by play incentives/areas
  4. Reviving interest in neighborhood work programs  
  5. Creating caring neighborhoods: a vision for inclusive and supportive communities
  6. Promoting and increasing tolerance towards diversity in working-class neighborhoods
  7. Leveraging art and nature for health and psychological aid
  8. Campus flow PO: enhancing University campus design
  9. End-of-life narratives: exploring immersive storytelling in collaboration with DELA
  10. Citizen science projects: participation with the public
  11. Customer journey: improving student services and experience (partnering with DSSB,
  12. Water for all: ensuring water security and ecosystem services
  13. Bringing agriculture into the city
  14. Hack renewable energy for all: achieving sustainable neighborhood transitions
  15. Hobbies and extracurricular activities for underprivileged children
  16. Fostering well-being in social city design
  17. New ways to live: cohousing
  18. Social nurturing  
  19. Innovating urban environments for increasing population in the city
  20. The space between us: transitioning from object-centric to relational design