About Eng. Bashayer Al Ali

Eng. Bashayer Al Ali
Sharjah | United Arab Emirates


Eng. Bashayer Al Ali Innovation & Project Manager and Entrepreneur

I am an accomplished engineer with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from the University of Sharjah. Currently working for the UAE Government, I founded Al-Mubtakerah to foster innovation. I hold certifications from Harvard University, the Global Innovation Institute (GInI), and the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), and am a graduate of the "Future Makers" and Forward programs. My lifelong passion for innovation, sparked by curiosity, was enhanced through university courses and professional experiences. I focus on fostering innovation within organizations, raising awareness among colleagues, and promoting a culture of creativity and strategic thinking, essential for effective, user-centered service design that drives positive change.

To me, service design means...

is the art of crafting people, infrastructure, and communication to enhance service quality and user interaction. For me, it's where creativity meets strategy, solving complex problems to create seamless, meaningful experiences. By understanding user needs and emotions, we design services that are not only functional but truly enjoyable. With my engineering background and passion for innovation, I develop solutions that improve efficiency and satisfaction, ensuring every touchpoint works harmoniously. Service design is a transformative tool, making services more intuitive and impactful for everyone.

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