Chapter events - Saudi Arabia

Successfully implementing service design projects is crucial to create a real impact. Why is the success rate in implementing service design projects still low? Why do brilliant concepts fail when it comes to anchoring them in the daily business of the client organization? Join us and our guest Tina Weisser on Clubhouse to chat about the fundamentals of service design implementation and organizational change. “It is not just about learning new methods and tools, it is all about embracing a human-centred mindset and being able to face challenges that arise with the digital transformation.”


About Tina:

Tina Weisser is an Innovation and Systemic Organizational Consultant in Munich, a Researcher and University lecturer at various universities with 17 years’ experience in supporting companies to innovate and embed products and services. She is certified as Service Design Master Trainer (SDN). 

On her "business journey" she was influenced by her entrepreneurial background (founded a start-up at the age of 24, its successful sale at the age of 32), her roots in engineering (graduated architect) and in humanities (study of psychology). She undertook a three-year international study to discover what makes service design projects successful, and she presented her findings in the ‘KUER’ implementation model.

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